Just 15 Days to build 30 floor building | Not Possible | China has done it !!

Yes, you have read it right. In many countries including India, you won’t get even an approval letter to construct a building from the board but China has constructed an entire 30 floor building in just 15 days. ( You must be curious to see the video as a proof )

Just 15 Days to build 30 floor building | Not Possible | China has done it !!

China is known for its technology. They have designed many superb things whether it is small or of High budget. They haven’t left any single thing to prove themselves and this time they thought something different. They used prefabricated modular technology which was developed by a company named Broad Sustainable Building.


Zhang Yue is the chairman of this company. They have built this 30 story building in 2011. They worked for 24 hours a day. They haven’t built this building just for the sake of it rather they take care of each and every single thing


  • This building can bear earthquake with minimum magnitude of 9.
  • They have incorporated automated 4-panel windows to avoid bright sunlight.
  • They have installed an air filtration system too for every single room.
  • Air purity up to 20 times.
  • Used a heat recovery system inside the hotel.

Here is the video wherein you yourself will see and even then you would not able to believe.

This video has shown that China can do anything when technology comes into picture. They haven’t stopped here. This company has also planned to built Sky City which would be 838 meters tall and could be world’s tallest building. They are planning to make this record but as of now we can’t commit anything as there is no news after 2013 that China has suspended the construction as steel which was meant to be used was not safe enough for such tall building for security purpose. At least, they have thought about it and planned. ( Great thing to be achieved if they have done so)

Would love to visit once such kind of hotel.

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