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20th August could be actual Independence day for all Internet Savy

As India is a democratic country, so everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. That is why Indian government also took decision to listen all the suggestions from every citizen about Net Neutrality. So if we have all the rights then why these companies are trying to put barrier on our freedom over internet? (Although, we have right to choose
our own leader/Minister but sometimes we ended with wrong ones. well that is another story altogether)

20th August could be actual Independence day for all Internet Savy

Before taking you to the affair going on related to this, let me simplify this term for better understanding. ( I am sure there are many people who are not having appropriate knowledge about this and there are many who are aware but least bothered about it)


What is Net Neutrality


To understand this term, we need to go to the actual background story of what happened.

STORY: Tom Wheeler who was FCC Chairman released a plan on May 2014 that could allowed companies like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T etc. to discriminate online and create payment more for more access.

It create huge outrage between users and Millions of people stood against it.

Thanks to the huge public and political outcry, Wheeler shelved his original proposal, and on Feb. 4, 2015, he announced that he would base new Net Neutrality rules on Title II of the Communications Act, giving Internet users the strongest protections possible.

The proposal was approved by the FCC on Feb. 26, 2015.

If there is no Net Neutrality the internet providers could easily create two lanes of high speed and slow speed internet and also could determine what website would be given more priorities.


So what can we do now


Mobile companies would do everything possible to defend it. We need to act and respond to TRAI.

Till this day on Official Government website approx 52500 reports were received. The deadline of receiving feedback has been increased till 20 August 2015,

TRAI has released a consultation paper with a set of  20 questions which has altogether 118 pages. Which is actually so complicated that would require extensive research and understanding on the topic.

The Internet should be equally treated by Government and ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ), despite of the fact that Who, how, when and what is going to use over Internet. There should be no limitation over the usage and content part of Internet. In total, Net neutrality is all about:

  • No censorship over Internet traffic.
  • Access speed should be same.
  • Cost for accessing should be equal.
  • No Barriers over specific websites.
  • More transparency.

On 15th August, final decision was supposed to be revealed about Net Neutrality but date got extended and more time has been given to every citizen to post their decision on First you need to register on this website and then  go to Net neutrality section and submit )

Despite having 5 more days in our hand to save internet from gatekeepers ( ISPs ), there are many who are not doing so. Reason being they are not aware of this positive and negative aspects and there might be n number of reasons. So, throwing light on some more reasons ( May be after reading this article, few can change their mind and realize the value of fight between individuals and ISPs, Government and whosoever is directly or indirectly involved in this )


Reasons to give your Opinion:


  • You should take a part in any event that could change the fate of country. Govt should take every possible action to save the Internet from letting it go in wrong hands. This you can change by raising your opinion.
  • In India, we have seen partitions in almost every field. Whether it is Hindu or Muslim, High caste or Low caste, General or Reserved category, rich or poor and what not. Now, don’t let it happen with Internet. Give your Opinion.
  • VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ): I am sure nobody wants to pay a single penny over Apps like Skype, viber and lot more. We all want to use them as free but this big companies won’t allow us to do so. Raise your voice over VoIP


So, it’s up to us what we wish for our future, India awaits your action. Don’t let others decide your fate.

*******Because You Can Know Everything*********

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