44 years in Prison and then a man was introduced to Modern world | See the reaction


Otis Johnson is the name of the person who was imprisoned at the age of 25 in the year 1975. He was charged for attempting murder of a police officer. Further after serving prison he was released on August 2014, that is almost 44 years after. He was of age 69 when he was released.

44 years in Prison and then a man was introduced to Modern world | See the reaction

He was very fascinated and surprised to see the world, everything was changed. People seems to talking themselves, everyone seems an CIA agent to him as most of them were wearing earphones and having gadgets in hands.

People dressing sense seems interesting to him, advertisement, people, streets, advanced car, latest trends he seems to come to a fairy world.

Just to see his reaction, since it was 44 years after he was seeing the changed world, a video was filmed to check on his reaction, see the full video and you would be amazed.

Here’s the video:


The video short by Al Jazeera gives us incredible perspective into the world today through the eyes of a man who was, not connected with the advancement which technology has to offer today in compare to earlier times.

This video also teaches us lot’s of thing, hope you are able to get the message.

We just wish that his new life gives him everything he deserves and a new beginning.

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