Things that you don’t know About MINIONS !!!!

wwwwMinions have become Superstars 2015. Minions though first launched in the movie “Despicable me ” by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud but now they have come up with their own movie entirely dedicated to them.

( Must watch )



Things that you don’t know About MINIONS !!!!

There are few facts about Minions that most of the people are not aware. It has been said that they are childish and stupid but they are really very helpful and loyal. There are few facts about Minions. ( I have collected for you from genuine source so that die-hard fans won’t feel cheated ) Minions are now like a family especially for kids. They won’t make you dull and lazy because they are talkative without even a saying a single word. Still people understand them all. This is called “Minions Love”.


1. All the taller Minions tallhave one thing same about their hair. They all have sprout cut hair. Now when you see the movie next time, you can notice this (  I am sure you gonna watch this movie several times )



2. It has been shown in the movie Despicable Me that Gru has a gun which turned humans into Minions but this is not the way how they came into existence.


3. The reason behind the purple purple minioncolor given to Evil Minions was that purple color lies exact opposite to yellow in the color cycle. (Yellow color is given to our Superstar Minion )


4. As per the director of Despicable Me, Minions were made so that audience sympathize Gru in the Movie as Gru is a Evil Master.


5. There are 10,400 Minionsall and out of all 48 combinations are there by which they can be differentiated. These combinations includes their super hit Hair styles, their Height and their amazing glasses.


6. In entire movie, for Minions they have used only five types of hair styles. They are sprout, bald, combed, spread, tall and short Buzz cut.

7. Well, there is one secret about Minions which we really don’t know still. They do sex or if not then how they reproduce.


8. There is no reason behind this fact but still it is there. All the prominent role of Minion in the movie have Male names.( Girls relax !! Its just a Movie )

9. And spittingthis habit is really awkward, But I don’t know why these Minions love spitting. ( Still these Minions are really cute and loving )


10. Last but not the least, there is only one man behind all Minion’s voice and he is none other than ‘The Director ‘ Pierre Coffin.


So, I have tried to collect as many as data I can. I believe there must be more. If you know, kindly post your comment so that we all share among us.


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