Advertisement war between Mercedes Benz and Jaguar

Mercedes- Benz belongs to a German Manufacturer Diamler AG. And the head office (Merceded -Benz) is in Stuttgart- Germany. Jaguar belongs to Jaguar Land Rover, Head office in Whitley- England and is owned by the Indian automibile company TATA Motors since 2008.


Advertisement war between Mercedes Benz and Jaguar


Both the brands (Mercedes and Jaguar) belongs to the premium category luxury cars and are superb when features are being listed.

Mercedes has released a new TV commercial using Chicken as a prop. Motive of this Advertisement was to show “Stability”, “Magic Control Body” for all new Mercedes Benz Intelligent drive.

Jaguar released a spoof advertisement of the same, where at last chicken were eaten by a real Jaguar.

You can view the both commercial advertisement in the below mentioned you tube video.

After seeing such a reply, Mercedes released another TV commercial advertisement. The concept was very smart, as it showed enhanced feature of its car, smoother and faster, using a cat, to mock Jaguar.


You can see that TV Commercial advertisement in below mentioned video.


It then ended right here only after such a smart reply by Mercedes.


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