All About POUT – Posing Out Unique Talent ???


Society is all about trends. The only thing you need is unique talent and way to express it too the world. That’s it and your are on. One of the latest trend which is running in everyone’s head while clicking their pictures is POUT. Does it mean Posing Out Unique Talent ?

All About POUT – Posing Out Unique Talent ???


Whether a girl or a boy, everyone is pouting. No, I didn’t mean puking, though it seems so. Pouting is like fire in the market. Without going for pouting, nobody wants to click themselves as if they won’t look good without it. But do you know the exact meaning of Pout according to Oxford dictionary. That means expressing displeasure or disappointment. But, it doesn’t seems so as mostly people are pouting when they feel cool enough. So, this is all trend that has proved the oxford dictionary meaning wrong.

Well, we have collected many pics from our surroundings , celebs, common people to show that how far this trend has gone.

TV celebs
Telly celebs pouting PC: glamcapture


Forget about celebs, common people also can’t live without pouting. Its not all about girls, boys often do.

Even a boy can do
Why only girls? Even a boy can do. See yourself.


Where there are many people going crazy about it, there are few people who are still not addicted to it. ( Like me or you )

With and without Pout
With and without Pout


But pouting is in trend and that doesn’t mean that animals can’t do. Here are some.

Monkey is even trying. Yes !!you are going good.


Beautifully made pout ever

If Monalisa would have lived in this era, we could have witnessed this too.

Can you imagine Monalisa to pout

There are many faces who doesn’t need to pout. They have this as a born talent.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie Picture Credits :

From where this Pout came from? Who first invented this? Nobody knows this all. This is what trend is. An unknown thing which has arrived from somewhere by someone and it is going so viral that it has crossed its limits and has gone far away from common people to celebrities.

Hope, someone will come up with a new trend one day that can help our country to grow in a positive manner. ( Hoping, people would follow in the same aggressive way as they are following #pouting.

If you think that yours pout is better then post it in the comment. I would pick few from the collections and posted it here in this article. #GoPouting #Livepouting

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