Amazing Technology in Vegas – Streetlights Gets Charged With Footsteps


Las Vegas is known as the city of sin city, Entertainment of the World, City of Lights etc. but you had never imagined to relate this city with technology. This technology is so amazing which no one has ever imagined. Las Vegas has introduced its streetlights with LED fixtures.

Amazing Technology in Vegas – Streetlights Gets Charged With Footsteps


Every country or city thinks in a similar way, more or less when development comes into picture. But we should be surprised that Vegas thought something really different and they did well. They replaced its high pressure sodium ( HPS ) streetlights with LED fixtures. Due to this, it cuts into half the electricity.  This saves their country a lot economically as well. They are able to save 1.5 M USD per year.




This is the not the end here. Now they are actively focusing more on EnGoPlanet’s smart solar streetlights. The good part with these lights is that they charge from sunlight and footsteps. They have placed board batteries under the road which would convert sunlight into power for streetlights. They have not just plan this on paper but also executed in place. As a pilot study, Vegas have implemented four smart streetlights as well and if everything is going fine, would install more.

What are these lights ?



Following are the details of these lights :

  • Cree LED chips
  • Can deliver 115 lumens per watt
  • Streetlights are available in 30W, 60W and 80W.
  • If they are on for 12 hours, then they would use 360 and 960 Watt-hours per night.
  • Vegas got almost 6 peak Sun Hours, so it would generate about 1.2 KWH of energy on a daily basis.


How this mechanism works ?


Engineers have designed these board batteries inside the road in such a way that it could create enough energy if a user steps onto it. According to them, a human being footstep generates 80 million Dynes of force while walking. This force is enough to generate electricity which would be used for smart streetlights.


Somebody asked the representative that is this power conversion technology is similar to energy floors? They replied that is similar but “completely different”. They don’t want to reveal the formula. ( Like Coca-Cola )

One more interesting feature is that streetlights got automatically dim and save energy if nobody is nearby. They have included motion sensors as well. These lights can be used as USD charger and Wi-Fi system.


Let’s come to the cost which everyone wants to know since the beginning of this article. Though, cost would depend upon the requirement, facility, model and quality. These lights would costs around 1500 USD to 4000 USD.



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I am sure everyone wants to have such smart streetlight in their own country to make their country even better. This is the clear sign of development.

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