AUDI – Again Bang On With A Simple and Strong TV Commercial

There is no doubt that AUDI is one of the major key players in luxury cars. If we consider all big brands in car manufacturers, everyone would say AUDI, BMW, and Porsche and rest depends upon individual’s choice.

AUDI – Again Bang On With A Simple and Strong TV Commercial

Where there are countless choices, there is a fierce competition. This exactly is the root of all sarcastic and competitive ads shown by big brands in order to compete with others and retain their status in consumer’s mind. This time, AUDI comes up with a new TV Commercial and that is really simple and strong in terms of communication. They didn’t include any celebrity to endorse or any specific attribute of a car but 28 seconds of ad says it all.

In this commercial, they showed only four key chains of different brands with their USP’s. They showed trademarks / logos of their competitors. They put first key chain for Design, second for Comfort, third for Safety and the last for sportiness in the key holder.Four Key chain


The WOW moment – At the end these key rings joined and form AUDI logo with a clear concept that AUDI has all these attributes. In one car, you can have all these features.


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This 28 seconds TV commercial is worth watching

SIMPLE MESSAGE: If you need design, comfort, safety and sportiness in one car, then AUDI is the right choice.

What does this Ad show?

They bluntly and openly showed competitor’s logo key chains and at the end, they combine it all to form AUDI logo. They have come up with this commercial because they want to tell their customers that AUDI has everything what they might want.

What other Communication Channel they should use?

If not TV commercial, then Bill boards would also do the wonders. People would see the billboards on roadside, highways while driving on their cars. This can actually make them think and compare their own vehicles with AUDI cars. This way they can relate and implies the promised features of AUDI.

Well Audi has already communicated with their customers through bill boards. Below is the Link where you can find the series of advertisement wars with BMW.

Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI – who nailed it

Well, we are waiting for more TV commercials and advertisements in near future to see how well they can portray themselves in a better and effective way.

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