How To Avoid Heat While Traveling To Office Everyday

How To Avoid Heat While Traveling To Office Everyday

In the following article we are going to tell you How To Avoid Heat While Traveling To Office Everyday. Definitely not by using some fragrant talc as we see in some advertisements. It becomes a task to look pleasant and stay healthy in this harsh and unpleasant weather.

During extreme hot temperature, people face heat strokes, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion.

To name a few leading to dehydration, headaches, nausea and ultimately the level of salt in our body goes down which can be fatal if not attended timely.

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This article will help you understand How To Avoid Heat While Traveling To Office Everyday:

  • To start it is important to keep oneself hydrated – drink more water than usual. Make a point to drink water especially when one is going out
  • Carry water bottle when you are out.
  • If excess sweating then go for electrolytes instead of plain water as plain water can further dilute the salt level in the body.
  • Avoid soda, alcohol, caffeine. Can be substituted by coconut water.

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  • Carry umbrella or wear a hat when out in the sun
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid sun tan or sun burn even if you are not in sun.
  • To protect eyes from glaring rays use good quality sun glasses.
  • Wear light colored, loose fitting clothes that cover the whole body. Nothing is better than cotton in summers

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  • Eat light, healthy food like fruits, green vegetables and salad. Avoid food rich in fats and proteins.
  • Try to have siesta to replenish.

In the above article we discussed How To Avoid Heat While Traveling To Office Everyday. Temperature these days is going beyond expectations. So you never how much the growing temperature can effect you. Hope you would like this article and it would be helpful. Please do like, comment and share.

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