Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Fast – Coffee Face Mask


Home made remedies are the best to cure your skin. I strongly believe in all home made remedies, face packs, face creams, face primer etc for beautiful skin. All you want to improve your skin tone and get rid of dark spots from your face. Dark spots are the worst thing that can ever happen to us.

Dark spots, blackheads, acne, pimples etc are most of the face problems these days. But we are blessed with many home remedies that can help us to get rid all of these. You can heard of many home remedies that includes Aloe vera, Turmeric, Potato, cucumber etc. but have you ever heard of Coffee for your skin ?


Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Fast – Coffee Face Mask


Coffee face mask is the less known but effective home remedy that reduces dark spots, blackheads, pigmentation from your face. Coffee has many useful properties that helps your skin to look beautiful.


Benefits of Coffee for your skin :


  • Best anti-oxidant
  • Works against free radical damage
  • Reduce Puffy eyes
  • Works as great exfoliator
  • Reduce Inflammation and redness from the skin
  • Remove sun tan 




Coffee face mask when combined with potential ingredients works best for your skin to look beautiful and get rid off from face problems. You wil require just four ingredients for this mask

  • Coffee – Coffee is rich in caffeine which helps to reduce unwanted oils on face. It helps in removing dead skin as it works as great exfoliator as well. ( Kind of scrub ) Thereby, gives you smooth and glowing skin.


  • Sugar – Acts as best exfoliating scrub. It also helps in brightening and polishing your skin from inside and gives you flawless and clear skin altogether.


  • Rose Water – Anti-Inflammatory properties helps us to get rid off irritation and redness from the skin. It works great with all face masks. It removes oil and dirt and giving you a fresh looking skin.


  • Milk – Best thing to improve complexion, soothes the skin and reduce fine lines, great cleanser, remove dead cells and radiant skin.


HOW TO MAKE : Add 2 tbsp of coffee and 1 tbsp of sugar in a clean bowl. Add milk to make a smooth paste and a rose water for additional benefits. Take a cotton ball and apply this on all over your face and body. Leave it for 20 minutes until it dries off. Wash your face with normal plain water. Use moisturizer after this to bring back the moisture to your skin.

( TIP : Always use moisturizer after using any scrub or face mask even if you have oily skin )



Use this remedy twice a week. This would surely give you best results and feel the difference. 

Try this at home and you would notice that it really works !!!


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