Best Products to Make Your Complete Makeup Kit

Makeup is ever green gossip for a girl. A girl can never get bored even she used to talk about it hours and hours. Scientists are even researching for the behind reason ( Not Really ). Moreover, keeping your makeup kit up to date is another interesting and exciting job for a girl.


Best Products to Make Your Complete Makeup Kit


Keep a track on these makeup products which is essential for a complete makeup kit. You can set your own budget and accordingly choose the best products. Products should be tested and proven as per your skin type and skin tone. Choosing products for your skin is the most tedious job rather than applying it.


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First of all, start your makeup from moisturize your skin. Doesn’t matter you have oily skin or dry, you definitely need a good moisturizer to make your skin soft and supple.



Moisturizer is very important for a healthy skin. No matter what skin types you have like oily, dry or combination. You would need a good moisturizer in every season and aspect.










Now comes to foundation. Foundation should re related to your skin types and skin tone. Below mentioned foundations are the best for Indian skin tones.


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Foundations as the name suggests that it is the base for your makeup. Choose foundation according to your skin tone and skin type. Try to buy foundation in a daylight so that it would give an exact match.












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After foundation, concealer are the best thing to hide your scars and blemishes. It should be according to your foundation so that it would not come out separately.



Concealer are the ones which is used to hide your acne scars. Concealers are used to apply on your scars so as to make your even skin tone.











Face powders are basically to use just after foundation to fix it on your skin. By using pressed powder, foundation can be fixed to avoid transfer ability.











Eyes shadows are just to add a spark to your eyes by adding little glitter or colors. Eye shadows if applied beautifully, can enhance your entire look and it can go opposite as well.





Eye liners are my favorite. I am sure it is everyone’s favorite. Eye liners with different shades and patterns would help your eyes to look the way you want.





Blushes should be used according to your skin tone. I recommend to use Peach color or cinnamon color. This goes to almost every skin tone. Use this before highlighter and enhance your cheek bones.





Lipsticks gives you bold look even if you are not wearing makeup. Depending on your workplace, colleges etc., you can for different shades. Red is my favorite.




But this is not it. You need to maintain your skin so that makeup products would highlight your beauty to a different level.


To take care of your skin, follow Best Skin Care Tips by Shahnaz Hussain


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