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Best Time To Watch The Longest “BLOOD MOON” Eclipse

Today is the biggest day for every one of us because we are going to witness the longest Lunar Eclipse 2018 of the 21st century. The longest Blood moon is here today and can be seen in many parts of countries. India is the most fortunate country because Eclipse will be clearly seen via naked eyes and with binoculars as well. This article would contain all possible information about this term "Blood Moon".


Best Time To Watch The Longest "BLOOD MOON" Eclipse

First of all, why I am saying this would be the longest Lunar Eclipse. This would last for 1 hour and 48 minutes. Apart from the longest, this would be the rarest you have ever witnessed. The last blood moon or total lunar eclipse occurred in 1866. After many and many centuries, it is returning with the longest duration till now.


blood moon

Best time to watch is between 11.44 pm (Friday Night) to 1.45 am(Saturday Morning)


There are many more things you should know about the Lunar eclipse. Our solar system has many things to proud of. This is one of them which we will be able to see from our naked eyes today on 27th July 2018. Let's know more about this interesting journey.


Why Total Lunar Eclipse termed as Blood Moon?


Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the whole earth comes in between Sun and Moon casting a shadow on the Moon. This particular area is also known as Umbra. This phenomenon blocks the sunlight which leads to a red moon. Because Earth's atmosphere scatters the blue rays and red light passes through it and therefore making the moon as blood red. This is why the Total Lunar Eclipse termed as "BLOOD MOON".


Chris Tinney, professor in the physics department at the University of New South Wales says "If the Earth was a big smooth ball with no atmosphere that would be the end of the subject, it would just go dark, like with a new moon. But because there is light scattered through the atmosphere of the Earth, some of the sun’s light gets bounced around the edge of the Earth to hit the moon."




There are many stages involved in between the total Kunar Eclipse. Because it only happens when total earth blocks the sunlight and making the red moon. So, it does involve various stages and every stage has its name.




In total, there are seven stages of Lunar Eclipse. 

  • PENUMBRAL ECLIPSE BEGINS: It happens when the outermost part of the Earth's shadow starting moving across the moon.
  • PARTIAL ECLIPSE BEGINS: It happens when the innermost part of the Earth's shadow started covering the moon. Also known as UMBRA.
  • TOTAL ECLIPSE BEGINS: This completely taken over the moon and moon looks like reddish brown in color. This is known as totality.
  • MAXIMUM ECLIPSE: This is the mid-point of totality i.e. total eclipse begins.
  • TOTAL ECLIPSE ENDS: This will happen when Umbra started moving away from the moon's face.
  • PARTIAL ECLIPSE ENDS: Umbra completely moves away from the surface of the moon.
  • PENUMBRAL ECLIPSE ENDS: Even the Outer part of the earth completely leaves the surface of the moon.



There are some myths related to the Total Lunar Eclipse around the world. Because of some unknown fake religious beliefs, people scared to see this mesmerizing view of the total lunar eclipse. Rather being proud of it, they will start cursing and believe that lunar eclipse will also curse them and expected mothers as well.



There is nothing bad at all if you watch this rarest thing happening with bare eyes. You can watch with naked eyes or with binoculars for better visibility. They are safe to see with naked eyes without any eye protection.



This is again another myth which is completely illogical that pregnant women should stay indoors and even advised not to use any sharp knives or objects. Some people believed that lunar eclipse will curse the unborn child and mother as well so she should stay away from it. But experts said that this is just a superstitious thing. Everyone can see and witness this beautiful thing. 


When is the next Total Lunar Eclipse will happen?


In the coming 10 years, these dates would again fall you in love with the rarest phenomenon of the Total Lunar eclipse. Well, we do not really know if these dates will be changed at that time. But still, we can rely on these data.

Lunar_eclipseLunar_eclipse_predictionLunar Eclipse next


Let's watch today the longest Blood Moon and then wait for the next to happen. Get ready with your binoculars for better visibility otherwise, eyes are the best camera which will capture this beautiful moment.


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