Beware !!! Before Installing Windows 10

After Windows 8.1 Pro, Microsoft comes with Windows 10. At first, every single person would love to install Windows 10 in their system without any second thought in their mind but you should know all the positive and negative aspects of it. ( You should aware of all pros and cons. Don’t go by name )

Beware !!! Before Installing Windows 10

No doubt, Microsoft has given tremendous features to Windows 10 which transforms it into completely different and good user interface with minimum complications. Revised setup and updated tools like recovery tools, back up functions, centralized management for notifications. On top of that, it is completely FREE for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.


Though nothing comes without an expiry date, therefore Windows 10 is free for only initial one year i.e. from 29th July 2015 till 29th July 2016. Where there are many advantages, some disadvantages too which force us to give a second thought before installing it.


Its bit difficult to point out all cons of it but still whatever being disclosed and revealed through many sources.

I have listed below. ( Its your PC, read carefully before implementing )


1. First and foremost, when your PC is going to interact with your new Windows 10, automatically it would send some data to Microsoft even when you are done with all privacy and security settings.( As Microsoft justifies that they are going to use these data for improving their services like Bing but nothing has been proved yet )


2. Lengthy step to install and configure.


3. Migration problem ( 32 Bit to 64 Bit )


4. Many changes in the list of control panel has been made but unfortunately it is not user friendly now.


5. Though everyone need customization feature to set as they want but in Windows 10, they have implemented some automatic management to update that seems bit difficult to understand.


Last but not the least, every new feature is little complex and you are not aware that when and how they would give you threat in either way. So, Before installing Windows 10 do remember these things to play safely.

Best way is getting reviews from others and then plan ahead.

*******Because You Can Know Everything **********


Nitisha is an Engineer plus an MBA, with rich corporate experience in Digital Marketing. She has a passion for content marketing and understanding basic things which are essential and people didn’t know or noticed it. In today’s world, the information is easily available over internet, but is scattered and at times very confusing. Be Your Google is an honest attempt to inform people what they need to know. Because we believe that you should know everything.

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