Bill gates stole Steve’s idea and become Billionaire – Was it fair?

Bill gates become billionaire and the reason was not Windows but Steve Jobs and his idea. Yes, this is true and hard to believe that billionaire CEO like Bill gates did this. Cheating do gives success and Bill Gates has proved it.

PC :

So, it was all started from 1970’s when Bill gates and Steve Jobs met for a new innovation. At that time, everything was going good as Microsoft is earning huge from Apple II. They were into making software for it. But later on, when Steve ( Apple Inc. ) decided to go ahead towards Macintosh, he approached Microsoft and wanted them to build graphical software. He wanted to make a Basic of programming language as well as application software like spreadsheets etc. So, they both signed a good deal.

And the mutually agreed Deal was Microsoft would not build any graphical interface for anyone else other than Apple Inc. until a year after Macintosh released and shipped.

(Remember Steve agreed to give those ideas to him only to create good software for apple but gates used it to empower windows)

Things started and Microsoft started working on graphical software. Bill Said

We had more people working on the Mac than he did

As per the documentary movie “ Pirates of Silicon valley”, Bill gates bought this operating system from someone else. They called it as DOS and named under Microsoft. Actually, Microsoft wasn’t producing any OS that time. Moreover, the reason behind purchasing this OS was because of a first deal of Bill gates with IBM. IBM said that they want an Operating System and if they don’t have they would go to some other vendor. Bill gates said that “Yes, We have an operating system”. BUT

In reality, they didn’t have such. In order to save that deal, they bought DOS and named it under Microsoft. Bill gates then visited IBM again with a non-negotiable deal. And the deal was that DOS would be licensed with every machine they launched.

Meanwhile, Steve was working with Bill gates intensely. Steve and his team somehow got an idea that Microsoft could steal their idea of making that graphical software sooner or later. They got this huge clue from Andy Hertzfeld. He was the core member of Macintosh. Andy noticed that his contact who was working with Microsoft was asking too many questions about Macintosh and its functioning. They got an instant clue that Microsoft is planning to clone the Mac.

What was cooking inside Microsoft?

Bill gates imagined that graphical interfaces will be going to boom the market if launched. He believes that the idea of graphical interfaces was not originally from Apple, but from Xerox. And this is where, Bill did wrong. he copied the idea and admitted too by saying

We sort of say, ‘hey, we believe in graphics interfaces, we saw the Xerox Alto, too’

Rival Face off – Steve Jobs and Bill gates

They met again and this time they had a rivalry war. Bill gates came at Cupertino ( Steve’s Place ) and he found himself surrounded by ten Apple employees. Steve Said “You’re ripping us off. I trusted you, and now you’re stealing from us!”

Bill gates replied “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

Apple Inc. sued Microsoft for copying their idea. This lawsuit went long in the court and unfortunately Apple lost the case due to some technicality issues. From there, Apple make sure that they didn’t support Microsoft anymore and no transactions will happen. And Steve Jobs ensured this thing till his death. ( No Apple Products can be charged or supported by Windows till he was alive. After Tim cook has joined, he started supporting Windows a little )

This is how Bill Gates Became Billionaire 

As Microsoft planned and decided, they launched a new and better Operating System with features of graphical Interface like mouse for point and click navigation. This operating system today called as WINDOWS. They made it licensed with IBM and started coming with every machine. This is how, WINDOWS became popular and successfully reached to millions of homes. And, this innovation made Bill Gates Billionaire.

You never know, many other big giants would have stolen someone else idea and became rich. Forget about shares and net worth, do you know the salary of big Corporate CEO’s ?

Now I wonder how they have done that.

Now the question is was it fair ? If yes, to what extent ?


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