Corporate nightmare |most horrific human rights abuses

Few of the corporate that are being mentioned in this blog are being sued by “Alien Tort Claims Act”. This is actually a law that completely allows citizens who belongs to any nationality worldwide to sue any corporate for violations of international treaties or rights.

Corporate nightmare |most horrific human rights abuses

Thanks to International Law that are stopping these corporate to create a monopolistic market and for violating human rights.

Below mentioned list are stories of some of the big corporate houses and the court cases against them:



  • Caterpillar is an expertise in creating machines, Machinery and other things, they are good in whatever they do. For many years the company has provided good numbers of Bulldozers to Israel Army. Those Bulldozers were being used by the Army to destroy Palestinian homes.
  • This was being opposed by many activists but Caterpillar has refused to break the corporate deal with Israel Army. Because they believe that they are doing only their Job.
  • An official letter was issued to Caterpillar to Mr. James Owens (C.E.O -that time)- by UN High Commissioner, which says that “allowing the delivery of your bulldozers to the Israeli army  in the certain knowledge that they are being used for such action, might involve complicity or acceptance on the part of your company to actual and potential violations of human rights”
  • Ms. Rachel Corrie– (Peace activist) was unfortunately killed by a militant Bulldozer Caterpillar D-9, military bulldozer in 2003. Sadly the Bulldozer didn’t stop when she was blocking the way to stop Bulldozer destroying home at Gaza.
  • Caterpillar was sued by Rachel Corrie family members, that the company has sold the Bulldozers knowingly that these Bulldozers would violate human rights.




  • Wal-Mart is one of the biggest corporation in the world.  Most of us has heard about the company in news for destroying local supermarkets and countless small businesses. The company has been reported for worker abuse, illegal child labor etc. The company was also blamed for not providing health insurance to over half of its employees.
  • The company pays its retailers and re-sellers very less. Forced them to hire cheap labors and work was done under non standard environment as compared to set industry norms and regulation.
  • There are repeatedly blamed by its workers for many employee related issues and terminating without notice.




  • 8 union leaders of Coca-Cola were killed by the security personnel of the company for protesting company labor practices. Many other labors faced similar issues, like torturing kidnapping etc.
  • At India the company has destroy the local agriculture.  In Plachimada, a place in Kerala, the company has extracted 1.5 million liters of deep well water. That water was refined and was sold by the names of  Dasani and BonAqua.
  • The water level went down which severely affected local communities. Later the water also become contaminated due to high chloride and bacteria. Local communities have faced health hazards.




  • Chevron Corporation is also guilty of violating environmental laws as well human rights.
  • In Texaco Chevron was having a refinery which was realizing toxic waste to the northern amazon forest, and billion gallons of toxic liquid waste to waters.
  • The same water was used by nearby villagers. Local people who stay at the village faced various health issues tumor, kidney problem including cancer.  Same is the case with other Chevron refineries at Richmond- California.
  • The company later was sued by locals for the case torture, force labor etc.


Dow Chemical


  • Dow Chemical has been blamed for destroying lives and contaminating earth for decades.  The waorst case was when The company is best known for the health hazards of millions of Vietnamese and U.S. Veterans. It was caused by its lethal Vietnam War defoliant – Agent Orange.
  • The company also developed and perfected a brutal chemical weapon named Napalm that is responsible for many lifes taken by Army by using these. The company also provided pesticides to Saddam Hussein despite of knowing that they could be used to produce chemical weapons.
  • In 2001, Dow is also responsible for chemical disaster in history when it acquired Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) in Bhopal, India. On one sad day Dec. 3 –  1984, a chemical leak from a UCC pesticide plant in Bhopal gassed has caused thousands of people to death , leaving another 150,000 disabled or dying. Dow still refuses to address its liabilities in Bhopal.




  • Monsanto is one of the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds in the world. It also leads by producing of the herbicide glyphosate which is being marketed as Roundup. This Roundup was being sold to farmers  at a cost effective pesticide. This chemical harms the crops and soil both at a longer run, resulting in plant very small growth and being infertile.
  • This force farmers to purchase genetically engineered seeds. Exposure to the pesticide causes cancers, skin disorders and many health hazards.
  • Company was also blamed for indirectly hiring  more than 12,375 children work in cottonseed production for farmers paid by Indian and multinational seed companies, including Monsanto.


Nestle USA


  • Repeatedly Nestle was being reported for illegal and force child labor in cocoa farms. Chocolate comes from cocoa. Most reported cocoa farm was situated on West Africa where even child were sold to farms for only 30$.
  • In 2005 local police has seized more than two million liters of Nestle Infant formula. Which was later reported to contain a chemical named isopropylthioxanthone (ITX), which is dangerous to health..


Philip Morris USA  and Philip Morris International


  • Smoking kills everyone knows that. Although company claims that they do not want kids to smoke  but still spend billion of dollars in advertising and promotion.
  • In one event it has even hired underage “Marlboro girls” to distribute free cigarettes to other children and has also organised sponsored concerts where cigarettes were handed out to minors.
  • The company has entered aggressively into developing nation where death toll by smoking in increasing day by day.




  • The company has produced Viagra, Zoloft, Zithromax and Norvasc. But the most important medicine was the drug fluconazole (an antifungal used by AIDS patients) under the brand name “Diflucan”.
  • The company sell it at a very high price which was out of reach for poor people. Company has also refused to accept Government proposals to grant generic licenses of fluconazole .
  • Since it was a monopolistic market poors were forced to pay high price for survival.



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