Do You Know an Eco Friendly House Where Walls Breathe?

Since government is taking huge initiatives for better India and clean India, everyone is doing their part within their circle. Everyone is talking about greenery, Eco-friendly festivals these days. But only few them are actually applying it. We would like to introduce one couple who has done this in a beautiful manner.


Do You Know an Eco Friendly House Where Walls Breathe?


Yes, you heard it right. A house where walls literally breath. Don’t assume that this house owns by any high society person or any community. Introducing a middle class couple Hari and Asha who lives in Kerala. They have made their Eco-friendly house in just 4 Lacs.






Let us introduce this beautiful Eco-friendly house with some of their facts :

  • The walls of the house are made up of mud which allows the air to pass through them. This makes the house more Eco-friendly by its own.




  • It was made in 2010 with just 4 lac without putting no extra investment.




  • By using Solar Energy mechanism, they use only 4 units of electricity every month. Where people spend almost one fourth of their salary in electricity bill, these people spend as low as 20 INR every month.




  • Instead of fridge, they use Earthen pot surrounded by wet mud. Earthen pot keeps things under optimum temperature and don’t let things damaged. This is lined by bricks all around and make the utensils work for cook for many days.






  • Instead of gas connection, they use Biogas which is again making this house Eco-friendly. Biogas is extracting from waste of the house and keeping environment clean and safe.




  • Do not assume that this house is going to be like another village type where you won’t find any urban amenities. This house contains every single urban amenities which makes it a complete home.






Hari has not visited hospital for last 7 years because the air he breathe, the food he eat, the water he drinks are all natural and clean. They have their own natural farming and eat vegetables from there. It would not be wrong if I say that Hari and Asha has set a leading example by making this Eco-friendly house.


We agreed that lot of efforts have put in this field by government, many measures have been taken to clean the nature but an individual effort is equally important to make our country clean and green. We all should get connected with nature not to destroy it but to make it more healthy and wealthy.

Now its your turn


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