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Everyone of us like to follow the trend, but at times we are so blind in following them that we didn’t understand the effect it can cause. If we see celebrity doing pout (duck face), we do the same and promote it to show that we are pronounced as trend followers. It is ok, as it is not harming anyone or has no long lasting effect. BUT when

Don’t be a Fool | | Net Neutrality | Facebook Monopoly


Facebook want us to sign “Save Free Basics”Campaign, which is coming in your notification, that your friend has done it, we follow the same and feel proud that we are doing the same thing what others are doing.

But do we understand, what is going around and what is the thought process of Facebook.

Let me explain you in detail for your own understanding. Let’s start with Net- Neutrality.

Internet should be a free thing, as that should be free from anything. Everyone irrespective of it’s caste, color, income or anything should have equal right to browse internet at equal price. Net Neutrality basically talks about Internet freedom. When TRAI was about to impose a law which allows Telecom operators to charge as much as they can from users to browse internet (specific website with specific telecom operators at a specific price), people were against it. Millions of people write a mail to TRAI that  they are against it and it should not be imposed to them. India is a democratic country and democracy always win, so when millions of people were against it and they oppose the rule being imposed, so TRAI was forced by the people not to impose this thing.

Telecom operators were very disappointed with this and were searching for new ways to impose this thing to end users.

Now, Facebook comes in scene with a picture of which says that, Internet should be Free. And they offer Facebook for Free without any Internet. People were happy to hear this, BUT the happiness soon vanished when they heard that Free Facebook is only for Reliance users. Now you need to buy a Reliance connection additionally or convert your existing connection to reliance to use the Free Facebook. Ofcorse there would be a strong deal between Facebook and Reliance Industry to create this monopolistic market. Let’s not talk about this.

Now let’s talk about Facebook hidden agenda of and why they wish to promote this, also how they are creating monopolistic market.

First they initiate a pop up in every Indian Facebook wall, that do we support Free Internet services and the option was not “YES” or “NO” but the option were “Not NOW” and “YES I AM IN”. Which means they didn’t even bother to take Yes or no feedback from you but it was compulsory yes (as when you click not now, the pop up would again come after some time or days). See the image below, which appears to our wall few weeks back:

Free Basic internet services from Facebook

Now, most of the people think that this would be good for them, because from this message all they were able to make out that this is something related to Free Internet and hence they press Yes I’m In.

So, based on this response till today, the company worked along with just 12 mobile carriers across 17 countries, but is now signing up any telecom operator to provide basic free Internet access.

Facebook has launched a new portal that allows carriers to sign up for and includes all the technical tools and best practices to get them started.

Now, to make sure, they can create a monopolistic market, they have come out with another recent campaign.

If this recent Campaign works, it is going all-in to kill your Internet freedom. Facebook has launched a ‘Save Free Basics’ campaign which entices the users to support the campaign and agree to a pre-written message and send it to TRAI, the regulatory authority. The notification shows which friends of yours have agreed to it and then ask ‘you too’, to agree. Following is the notification that we have recieved:

Facebook recent Campaign for save the Internet basics

Facebook free basic notification message

The message that we are sending is written as below:

“To the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, I support digital equality for India. Free Basics provides free access to essential internet services like communication, education, healthcare, employment, farming and more. It helps those who can’t afford to pay for data, or who need a little help getting started online. And it’s open to all people, developers and mobile operators. With 1 billion Indian people not yet connected, shutting down Free Basics would hurt our country’s most vulnerable people. I support Free Basics – and digital equality for India. Thank you.”

Free Basics is against the principles of Net Neutrality and Facebook has been trying several unethical means to garner support for this in various ways. has been criticized for being a zero rating service that made for an unequal Internet, and the negativity surrounding it lead to partners such as Cleartrip, The Times Group, NDTV etc to pull out.

Times Internet has earlier announced its partial withdrawal from the initiative, and has committed to fully withdraw from it if its competitors agree to do so.

Rival NDTV too has decided to pull out of the Facebook initiative, with co-founder and executive co-chairperson Prannoy Roy announcing the move in a tweet.

Tweet by NDTV against

While NDTV has already announced its support for Net Neutrality, it is to be seen if other mainstream media outfits follow suite.

“We support net neutrality because it creates a fair, level playing field for all companies – big and small – to produce the best service and offer it to consumers. We will lead the drive towards a neutral internet, but we need our fellow publishers and content providers to do so as well, so that the playing field continues to be level,” said the Times Group in a statement.

Cleartrip in their statement has said that there was no revenue arrangement between it and or any of its participants. However now, in view of the Net Neutrality violations the company will no longer be a part of

Facebook founder Zuckerberg breaks the ice on the ongoing net neutrality debate in India at a recent function at Townhall Q&A held at IIT-Delhi: “Facebook supports all principles of net neutrality, even though countries are still working on developing a standard rule”.

He further states that internet can be expensive for carriers, and that Facebook is trying to offer low-bandwidth services under the controversial Free Basics zero-rating platform. The only setback is that Facebook won’t be able to provide the whole internet for free, adds Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg maintains that some proponents of net neutrality say there should be no free access, and that the debate over the Neutrality regulations are still on-going.

“Operators can hurt customers by levying extra charges for OTT services or prioritize bandwidth for websites, which violates Net neutrality rules. We have built an open platform with no filtering; and will continue to push for access. Most people who file petitions against already have access to the internet. What about the ones who support Free Basics but have no access to internet? How will they sign petitions online without internet?,” Zuckerberg explains when asked about his stance on NN.

Hope after reading this all you have understood, what Net Neutrality is all about and what Facebook and other Telecom operators, as well Corporates are doing about it.

At the end, it is us the end users, who have to pay for the services, and if it is not nominal fee and if we have to pay some extra bucks, then it would be a issue. Time would decide the fate, but please don’t act like a sheep who only follows a path, before you act, understand everything first.

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