Easy Home Remedies For Wrinkle Free Eyes

Eyes are the first and foremost thing when we interact with someone. With passing days and years, you become old and your eyes would turn into wrinkles one day. This is the most worst universal truth of our life. Nobody can change this process. But one thing we can do is to delay this process by using some useful home remedies for wrinkle free eyes.

Following are the effective and easy Home Remedies for Wrinkle free eyes

Before letting you know about the home remedies, I will tell you about easy daily exercises which you can do anytime at your convenience.

  • We get wrinkle because of loose skin muscles. So to make your skin tight, first of all close your eyes for about 5 minutes. Then open your eyes and move them clockwise and anti-clockwise for 5 counts.
  • Press your eyes temples gently for a count of 10. Continuous opening and closing of your eyes makes your eyes to move and right blood circulation.
  • Sleep for full 8 hours and drink water as much as you can in a day. ( 8 glasses of water in a day would be recommended by Doctor )
  • Wear sunglasses if going outside and avoid your eyes from direct contact of sun.
  • Nothing is better if you moisturize your eyes along with your face. Apply some coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil onto your eyes and leave them overnight. Wash it off next morning.


Above are just natural things which you can do to without putting much effort in your busy life.

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Follow these steps and make your eyes wrinkle free.


Cucumber juice proves best for your eyes care. Take fresh cucumber and mash it to take juice out of it. Apply this fresh juice onto your eyes with the help of cotton ball. Or you can place cucumber slice on your eyes directly. Do this for 15 minutes. You will feel the difference. Your wrinkle eyes would vanish after few days ( If applied regularly )


To make this night cream, you need olive oil as a base. You would require Vegetable glycerin, Vaseline and honey. First mix Olive oil, vegetable glycerin and Vaseline to make a smooth paste. Massage your under eyes with this cream with gentle hands. Do this for about 10 minutes. Wash your eyes with warm water with the help of cotton ball. Then add a little honey and then again massage with gentle hands.


Papaya is meant to be best remedy for skin and for eyes. Mash few slices of papaya and add honey into it. Apply this mixture onto your face and under the eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face. Repeat this process two times a week for best results. You would definitely find glow on your face naturally and fine lines would go off.


Turmeric has been used since ages for skin care. Mix 2 tbsp of turmeric and 1 tbsp of honey. Add rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on your face and eyes for better results. This would remove your fines wrinkle lines and gives you natural glow. Repeat this process once a week.


Olive oil moisturize your skin in a best way. Add few drops of lemon into it. Massage your skin and eyes with this oil and make your skin softer and glowing in just few days ( If applied regularly )

All of the above Home remedies proves best for getting wrinkle free eyes. This is the best and cost effective way to get rid off from wrinkle. Spending half of your salary into expensive cosmetic products won’t give you long lasting results. Instant glow which you get from chemical cosmetics also goes off instantly. Use your hard-earned money wisely.

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All the best. Be in touch for more useful home remedies.

Stay Beautiful.


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    There are the best treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in this article. I used papaya and lemon mixture and it helps to keeps the skin free from wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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