Eating Disorder In Teenagers

When actress Kareena Kapoor showed her size- zero figure in a film, many girls had followed her to get into the size zero. Certainly, bollywood influences our lives and thoughts, so when actresses are slimming, an increasing vogue for showing bare flesh on screen and western ideas about body size and beauty take hold not only in India’s big cities but in smaller towns also.

No doubt there have been a lot of changes n the last decade, whether it’s in modeling or in Bollywood. Skinny models and lean actresses might look good on ramps or films but teenagers who consider them a role models are becoming victims of eating disorders. That is the reason bulimia are increasing in India, although they were yet to reach the levels found in Western countries.

Peer pressure among teenage girls to look good and family and school pressures played a part as did a lack of education in Indian schools about nutrition and healthy heroes and heroines, they create an reality for them. That person may have spent millions of rupees to get that figure. It’s an unrealistic goal.

There is tremendous peer pressure on young people to look good. Girls complete with one another to fit into a smaller size as thin is in. the pressure to look attractive is so great that they cut down blindly on the first thing that happens to be in their control, which is their food. In the absence of proper guidance they blindly follow crash diets. Some even deprive themselves of all food. There are others who only go by calorie count, skip healthy meals and binge on junk foods.

In their mind they are not doing anything wrong as long as they do not exceed the calorie count. This lack of information about a balanced diet can lead to severe consequence.”

Suicidal tendencies

A new study has found that teenagers suffering from eating disorders are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. The number-one eating disorder in teens according to the study in binge eating disorder. The researchers became disturbed following revelations that these eating disorders have links to psychological disorders. Teenagers suffering from binge-eating disorders were 5.9 times more likely to have social phobia while those with bulimia had 3.9 times increased risk of having social phobia.


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