Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles

Anti-ageing is a process that works towards preventing, retarding or reversing the effects of changes a human body exhibits because of growing older. The process also helps you attain longevity and a healthier body.The technique of anti ageing also includes a lot of research and application in the field of medical science. A few example of this are finding treatments and cure for age related problems

such as sagging skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, dark patches etc.

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In this article we are going to talk about Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles. There are several things also, you can do in order to look younger such as doing some special exercises, including a simple diet routine and using some household tips.

Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles:


olive oil is rich in anti oxidant properties that help prevent age related diseases. Including olive oil regularly in one’s diet and applying it directly on the skin helps keeping wrinkles at bay.

Yes, I’m serious here. If you want to look younger, start eating chocolates. Studies have proved that dark chocolate contains a good amount of anti- oxidants Flavanols. These tend to preserve the healthy function of the body’s blood vessels and keep the skin look younger and supple.


Yogurt is high in calcium with friendly or good bacteria. It is known to cleanse the skin internally.


Nuts contains a lot of unsaturated fats. This works towards keeping the skin at its healthiest state.


Honey is extremely nourishing for the skin. It can be used as a face pack. It also helps in rejuvenating the skin leading to the elimination of fine moisturiser.


Cinnamon is a common kitchen ingredient and has good cosmetic uses. It stimulates the skin and warms the body.

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1 tsp honey, 1 cup water, a pinch cinnamon powder.

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PREPARATION: boil honey and water with cinnamon powder. Drink this concoction at least once a day. Your skin will be smooth and wrinkle- free.

JUICE FOR THE AGELESS LOOK : The best way to give your skin much- desired ageless is to include a juice regime in your daily diet. Daily intake of tomato-carrot juice will help your skin look firm, smooth, younger and glowing.

These are the Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles will help you retain your wrinkle free skin. Hope you would like reading this article and it would be helpful. Please do like, comment and share.


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