Every Indian Born Before 1990 missed these TV Commercial | Full Video

Let’s admit it, during those days we are limited to few channels only. And most o the time the only leisure activity we do was to watch Televisions. DD National, that sound that appears at 07:00 AM when the Television actually starts (I believe it was close after 12:00 and resumes its service at 07:00).

Every Indian Born Before 1990 missed these TV Commercial | Full Video


So, The Television begins with this interesting Doordarshan Branding advertisement | Commercial, the typical sound.



Then further the famous “Mile sur mera tumhara” without listen to it the television day was not completed. This song was as famous as the National Anthem itself, Indian born before 1990 and does watch television, must have hear this.



Further There was a famous Bajaj Scooter as well. It actually connects us towards the brand and end result was that Bajaj sales increased. The ad also connects us with Nation and motivate our patriotism. Concept wise it was superb commercial.

Here’s the commercial


Then let’s not forget the Nirma advertisement. Washing powder Nirma, the little girl became so famous after that commercial. The commercial connects very easily with all house wifes, and became a punchline. “Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma, Sab Ki Pasand Nirma”.

Below is the old commercial

and lastly let’s remember the old classic advertisement of Cadbury chocolate. Where one female fan became so happy after one sports star completed its century. And she started dancing in the middle of the field. It touches us really hard and actually we are Indian, we become emotionally so easily.

Here’s the commercial.

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