Excite refused to buy Google – when Google tried to sell itself

There is no need to introduce Google. The only company which everyone knows. Whether it is girl or boy, teenager or grown up people, tech savvy or illiterate to even computer, everyone knows about it. But do you know that it wasn’t the same GOOGLE as it is now.

Excite refused to buy Google – when Google tried to sell itself

We associate Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Google but what if Google sold themselves in 1999 to Excite. Yes, you have read it right. Google went to Excite ( The biggest online portal at that time ) to sell themselves in 1 million dollar but George Bell from Excite refused to buy even when Google offered themselves at 750,000 Dollar after a lot of negotiation. (I am sure Excite wants to rewind the time now)


But one question might raise from here that WHY such a big company wants to sell itself. Don’t forget, I am talking about year 1999, and at that time Google was not as famous as it is now.


Why actually Google tried to sell to Excite?


In 1999, Excite was the most popular online portal and was headed by George Bell.(Excite now turned into Ask.com). It was founded by six alumni of Stanford University who decided not to work under any boss and not for someone else. So, their thought turned into action and Excite was founded by them in 1993. They really worked hard for almost a year and the way they have put their efforts, they reached to the top in 1994 and started earning a lot. They got funded by Vinod Khosla from venture capital. Their journey have started on a positive note and were doing really well. This is the main reason that why Larry and Brin selected Excite.com


As these two great champs Larry Page and Sergey Brin were studying in Stanford University at that time and Google was just a project for them which they have started in 1996. They thought that they would not be able to concentrate on their studies just because of their small project and so they ended up in selling this. (Who knows that today every small project you can imagine is available on Google)


And also, 1 Million dollar could be very good amount in 1999 for a student at least. This moved Larry and Sergey to almost sell their project. But as we all know, whatever happens happens for a good cause; otherwise Google might not be THE GOOGLE as it is now. (Atleast it is good for Sundar Pichai that Larry and Sergey gave him responsibility as CEO of Google).


Being rejected by them, this all took a new face and Google decided to grow further as a best search engine and within few months they were funded by many and they topped like anything leaving behind yahoo and Excite too. Now, Google is so big that everyone wants to work with them. (May be all those six co-founders of Excite would want to work with Google now)


A multi Billionaire company also have a great story behind which mostly people are not aware of.


Great people have great stories behind. #Google #LarryPage #SergeyBrin

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