Fact you Don’t Know about GoT stars….

Game of Thrones, The only season which is completely unpredictable, With every  episode we are always awed.
As much as the reel life of GoT stars are mesmerizing and random, So is some of them’s real life are…

Fact you Don’t Know about GoT stars….Have a Look on following list:

Lena Headey & Jerome Flynn are Rivals in Real Life.



Lena Headey AKA Cersei Lannister & Jerome Flynn AKA Bronn, used to date once. But! Things didn’t worked out well, And Now they don’t even bear to talk each other on Set.


Sansa Stark Actually Adopted her Direwolf


Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark, actually adopted her dire-wolf from GoT.
All GoT Fans will Remember “Lady”, Sansa Stark’s Dire Wolf, was sacrificed to Calm Down Queen’s Anger.


Sansa Stark and her Dire Wolf

So For Those who were Sad for the untimely Death of the Dire Wolf,
Time for you to be happy.


“The Mountain” is the World’s Third Strongest Man Alive.


Yes! What you Read is True.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson AKA Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”, is Actually one of the Strongest Man in the Planet.
He Was the Second Runner Up of World Strongest Man Competition.

No Nude Scene from Daenerys Targaryen

 Most of you have been wondering that from Season 4, there’s no action from her.
then Sad news for you fellows.
daenerys Targaryen
Emilia Clarke AKA Darnerys Targaryen has now a clause in her contract that say says no nude scene.
Don’t be sad you perverts.
She’s the only actress with this clause.

Well there are many more facts about it which I might have missed.. But fans of GoT are always welcome to post their reviews.

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2 thoughts on “Fact you Don’t Know about GoT stars….

  1. Another Fun fact about GoT…
    Did You Guys Know….
    The Title sequence of every GoT episode is not same…
    it shows the map of specific area of which the episode is concern.

    try it yourself.;)

  2. Another Fact,
    Peter Dinklage, The Actor Who Played the Role Of Tyrion Lannister, has never seen an episode of Games of Thrones.
    When Asked about it, He Responded as”He Don’t Have HBO”

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