Facts about Hotel Taj Mahal Palace You Didn’t Knew

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, One of the most beautiful Pearl in amidst of Mumbai, Has hosted many notable guest, from President to Captains of industry and Stars of the Show Business.

Facts about Hotel Taj Mahal Palace You Didn’t Knew yet mesmerized

Unlike all Famous Landmark, Taj Mahal Palace do share some interesting facts and myth.
Here are some facts, that we bet you didn’t Know about.

1. Taj Mahal Was Designed by Indian

Whenever the question of Taj Mahal Palace’s Design arises, The Credit always goes to English Engineer W. A. Chambers.


In reality, the actual credit of this Architectural Beaty is reserved for two great designer of their time

  • Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya &
  • D. N. Mirza

They were the original Architects of Taj Mahal Palace, W. A. Chambers was the man who completed the Project.

Another Fun Fact About the Design:

Khansaheb Sarobji Ruttonji (The Builder of Taj Mahal Palace) Designed And Built its Famous Central Floating Staircase

2. The Hotel isn’t Built Backward.

This fact is linked with the very infamous suicide of its Architect as it was built backwards, But! It’s completely False.

The Taj was built facing harbour, on specific instructions on Jamsetji Tata. He wanted the rooms to face the sea.
The practice of sea facing rooms were unheard in India that Time. But Jamsetji Tata insisted to do so….

3. The Taj Wasn’t build as Revenge

One of the Popular Myth is that Jamsetji Tata decided to build the hotel after he was denied to entry to one of the city’s grand hotels of the time, Watson’s Hotel,  as it was “The white Only” Hotel.

Tata was unlikely to have been concerned wit ‘revenge’ against British adversaries. The Taj was set up “Purely for the love of City“. Taj was built at the urging of editor of The Times of India who felt a Hotel “Worthy of Bombay” was needed.

4. Taj Mahal Palace was Not Always a Hotel

During Word War I, The Taj mahal Palace was Converted into a 600 Bed Hospital.


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