Famous Faces who have turned their failures into big success


In today’s world, everyone is judgemental and they judge you based on your success. Success in terms of huge bank balance, excellent job, well established business and what not. List could be countless. Even parents always try to teach their children to be on top from their very first step in academic career. They do all this because they don’t wish you to face failures in your life. But they might not aware that we have many famous failures around the world that have ruled in either way and gives lots of inventions, inspirations that even successful people are following them.

Famous Faces who have turned their failures into big success


  1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

We all know about this great personality. Albert Einstein is one of the strong pillars of modern physics. He is the God of Science. He developed lot many theories that even a separate entire article would require just to name all of them.

FAILURE :  When he was child, he was not able to speak till his four years and his teachers assumed that he is not worth.


2. Steve Jobs

Steve jobs


Steve Jobs was one of the famous personality we have with us but unfortunately he is no more. I am sure we all missing him and his great inventions. Though there is no need to introduce him but we want him to connect with Apple again. He was the co-founder , chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.

FAILURE : He was being expelled from his own company he started when he was 30 years old. What could be the biggest failure than this?



3. Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Walt Disney proves that if you have great thought and if you can dram to fulfill it, you can. He is regarded as Cultural Icon. He has given a lot of inventions to the entertainment industry. His unique thoughts has drove entertainment industry to a next level.

FAILURE: He was fired from a Newspaper for not having any original ideas and lacking imagination.


4. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Micheal Jordan is one of the finest basketball player of all the time. He played 15 seasons of NBA ( National Basketball Association ) for Chicago bulls and Washington Wizards.

FAILURE : When he was studied in high school, his name was cut from his school basket ball team. As he was just a kid, he went back to his home and locked himself and cried.


5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is an American Talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist. She is best known for her show The Oprah Winfrey Show which has the highest rated show of its field. She is Queen of all Media.

FAILURE: She was demoted from her New Anchor job as according to them, she wasn’t fit for Television.


Like you can see, there are many more famous failures which I have missed here in this article. But believe me, failures are the stepping stones of your success. Failures are the only one who can make you learn from your own mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes and make it success.

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