Fun Facts About Eiffel Tower

Constructed in 1889, as an entrance for Word fair of 1899, The Eiffel Tower, initially faced the criticism from some leading Artist of France.
But! Eventually, it became the Global Cultural Icon of the Nation, and obviously score position in Wonders of World.

Fun Facts About Eiffel Tower

Here are some Fun Facts About The Eiffel Tower You Might not Know.

Gustave Eiffel Didn’t designed the Eiffel Tower

Yes! It’s True!!!

The great Architect of whole France, in whose Honour this Great Tower got it’s name, isn’t the real designer.

Maurice Koechlin is the one who designed Eiffel Tower. He designed initial sketch of the Tower in May 1884, while he was working at home.


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Stood high For 41 Years

In 1889 , when the Construction of Eiffel Tower war completed, It marked itself as Worlds Tallest Man Made Structure. Before Eiffel Tower This Title was held by Washington Mountain, in Washington DC.

The Title was later taken in 1930 by the Chrysler Building in New York City.

Eiffel Tower Was Sold Twice

This is Hilariously True; Like The Great Con Man Natwar lal, one Conman, named Victor Lustig, not only sold Eiffel Tower once, But Twice.


Eiffel Tower was supposed to be Down by 1919

The Original Contract of Eiffel Tower shows that, it was planed to torn down in 20 year after it’s Completion, i.e. in 1919. During this time, the ownership of tower was to be transferred to the City of Paris.



Even, During World War II, when Hitler’s Army Marched to Paris, He ordered His Army To demolish The Tower, But, the then army general of Hitler, Dietrich von Choltitz, Didn’t obey the order, and Eiffel Tower stands till Day.

Here are some fun Fact about The Eiffel Tower, We Knew. Let Us Know what more interesting fact you About This Wonder of World.

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