Get Rid of Pimples Forever – Best Remedy Ever

Since our adolescent phase everyone of us is dealing with worst thing and that is pimples on our
face. Pimples not only damages our skin or looks but also gifts us scars. Some of them fades away quickly and some of them lasts longer. But you would be thankful to this article which provides best remedy ever to get rid of it.


Get Rid of Pimples Forever – Best Remedy Ever


There are numerous reasons behind these irritating pimples like hormonal changes, dust, dirty face all over the day, wrong cosmetics products application, blah blah blah. At the the end of the story, we all got scary pimples on our face which is actually ruining everything. ( Yes, I lose confidence when I am full with pimples all over my face )


First of all, DO NOT ASSUME that pimples are gonna fade away overnight. If anyone claims that or any product claims, then please be aware that it can not happen. ( Miracles do exist but not with pimples )


Here are the best remedies ever which is tested and proven. You can see the difference once you will use any of them. ( Regular care of your face would do wonders )



Aspirin is a medicinal tablet easily available in the market. You can buy it without any prescription. Take two aspirin and run under warm water till the time it got dissolved by its own. Apply this paste over your face or on pimples. You would feel some harsh scrub thing. Apply this paste in a circular motion. Leave it as it is and let it dry. After then, wash your face with normal water. It would not heal the pimple overnight but yes would take out all the redness and pain from the pimple.




Another remedy is from Listerine. Listerine is used as a substitute of toothpaste. Basic purpose of Listerine is to remove mouth odor and care of teeth. Though, it contains cooling properties in it, therefore it can be used to heal the pimples. You can shrink the size of pimple by dabbing Listerine over the affected area. The few percentage of alcohol present it would let it dry and fades away to some extent.




Honey is another effective remedy for pimples. Honey basically moisturize your face and gives essential nutrients to your skin. It works really good for dry skin. Of course, it is helpful for all types of skin. To get rid of pimples, put a small amount of honey over the pimple and put band-aid over it. Leave for overnight and you will see the difference in the morning. The size and redness of the pimple would go away without leaving any scars on your face. This remedy works best for most of the cases. You can give it a try.



Papaya has many nutritional value in it. If you eat or you apply on your face, both would give you results. This is the best thing about natural raw things given by God and nature. Papaya has an enzyme in it called as Papain which is responsible for all the good cause.

First wash your face and keep it dry. Mash Papaya and apply this paste on your face. Cover your entire face except eyes and mouth. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off with normal plain water. Use moisturizer if needed. This treatment would give you many benefits like removal of pimple, glowing face, smooth and supple skin. Also, It would not let your pimple to form pus in it which causes pain.



Tomatoes are again an effective remedy not only pimples but for glowing skin as well. Take out the tomato juice in a bowl and add few drops of lemon in it. Apply this on your face or on pimple. I would suggest you to apply it all over your face for more benefits. Let it dry and then wash with normal plain water. If required, apply moisturizer on your face. Tomatoes and lemon both contains Vitamin C in it which is useful for our skin.


All of the above remedies would not remove the pimples overnight but yes would surely shrink it and prevent it from becoming hell.

Also, proper care and regular maintenance of your skin won;t even invite pimples. Just spare a little time for yourself everyday and make your skin as beautiful as you wish for.

Below are some useful tips to avoid pimples.


  • Drink more water as much as you can. 8 glasses a day is what recommend by everyone. Lets follow 8 glasses then on a safer side.
  • Wash your face with face wash that contains Neem, Tulsi, turmeric or any herbal products.
  • Follow regular CTM routine cleaning, toning and moisturizing would really do wonders.
  • Try avoiding oil foods as much as you can. ( Ufff, can’t imagine my life without Pizza and KFC chicken )


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