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Google Free tools which you don’t know they actually exists is thing which everyone of us know. We also understand that this is a search engine which could search each and every information we wish to search over web. Even most of us use to check whether our internet is working fine or not (just kidding).

Google Free tools which you don’t know they actually exists.

Google has much more to offer apart from its extensive giant search engine.

Following are some information about certain tools which actually are very essential for us and should be use by us for our day to day use. Some of these we know and some actually is unknown to us. Try them and learn something good:


5 minutes timer


Open and simply time the time and minutes timer. For example just type 3 minutes timer  and  press Enter. Google would act as a stopwatch for you.

Google Trends


Just type Google Trends on and it would guide you what is being trending things or stories across the Google. You can choose the categories of trends (Technology, Entertainment, health etc.) and you can select the countries to find the search trends.


Google Cloud Platform


This is Google inhouse product and a platform for Individuals as well as companies to create Mobile Applications, Host websites, Analyse website, understand and integrate API’s and much more. Each and every vertical is documented well and explained by tutorial videos for easy understanding.


Google Wallet


Google Wallet is a very effective way to pay and receive funds online. It actually is your wallet online, it is super mobile friendly as well. You can Shop in stores, Send Money, Buy Online and it is actually very much safe to use compare to any other available Online Wallet’s.


YouTube Trends Dashboard


What is the video which people are watching these days, which are viral video’s. This Online Google tool would tell you all. You can compare between videos, put age filters, understand by demographics and geographic of users. This online tool has a very simple UI to understand video’s trends.


Google Career Search


Most of us wish to get absorbed by Google. Working at Google would be so cool. This tool / website of Google would keep you updated for any openings and career opportunity at Google.


Google Keep


It is an online tool to keep all your thoughts online and is easily accessible from anywhere online. Something like sticky notes online. You can keep your notes, photo’s, list, audio etc. here. The design and layout has been kept very simple for effective usage.


Get Your Business Online


This is an initiative of Google to make local businesses being listed over web. This was done to boost the local economy and to help the small businesses to grow and expand their business through web.


Google Fonts


Collection of Fonts by Google which could be used for anything.  You can choose and select the fonts by its Thickness, Slant or Width. Further categories like Serif, Sans, handwriting etc. are also available. You can also see the live font by typing inputs. Altogether approx 629 fonts families are being listed there.


Google Developer Console


This is an online tool especially for developers to try and learn codes, design and learn new layouts and many things. Be it Android, IOS or Web this online platform helps in all these three verticals.


Google Dart


Dart is basically an open source platform for programming language, which includes robust libraries and runtimes. This is designed to help building web, server and mobile applications. It is the initiative of Google to replace JavaScript language for mobile and web development


Google Sky


Google Sky is a part of Google Earth, where it helps you to explore space and star systems. This initiative of Google is being powered by NASA, which uses images from Hubble Telescope. Apart from Google Sky, Google has also initiated Google Mars and Google Moon as well. These all three comes under Google Earth.


These are some of the Google initiatives which are very much popular but most of us are not aware about the same. If we actually start to list all the Google initiatives, the list would be over 100.

Hope you like reading it, do comment or share for any additional information or to share anything which you know about.


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    Nitisha is an Engineer plus an MBA, with rich corporate experience in Digital Marketing. She has a passion for content marketing and understanding basic things which are essential and people didn’t know or noticed it. In today’s world, the information is easily available over internet, but is scattered and at times very confusing. Be Your Google is an honest attempt to inform people what they need to know. Because we believe that you should know everything.

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