This Is Why Government Won’t Allow Anyone To Enter The Secret Rooms Of Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal considered as the symbol of eternal love. Love between great Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife. One can find numerous stories and facts on the internet but you will never
heard these unbelievable truth associated with Taj Mahal.

This Is Why Government Won’t Allow Anyone To Enter The Secret Rooms Of Taj Mahal


Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has sold many times by conman. They did this with Taj Mahal only because of it breathtaking view and beauty. It has listed in the UNESCO’s rich heritage sites. Taj Mahal is one of the most visited heritage sites in India. So, Indian Government has interfered in between. We would like to let you aware of the fact that why Indian Government won’t allow anyone to enter the secret rooms of Taj Mahal.


Taj Mahal has many secrets buried inside along with the grave of these love birds. Many of us has believed the wrong facts since years. This is why, after many research and authentic sources, have included genuine facts about Taj Mahal.

Let’s explore.

Religious conflicts between Hindu and Muslim


Government doesn’t want to highlight the already hyped topic i.e. Hindu-Muslim war. This is the highest rated war now-a-days. Hindus believe that Taj Mahal was initially a Hindu temple named Tejo Mahalaya and a big statue of Lord Shiva was hidden inside the Mahal. On the other side, Muslims believes that this is the symbol of love built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his beloved wife. So, government won’t allow anyone to enter those secret rooms as this would clear the above mentioned.

Above is definitely be one of the main reason behind the most horrible truth that whether Taj Mahal is Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya ( A Hindu Temple ). But all of the facts and pictures shown indicates that it could be a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva and re-built and modified to Mughal Emperor Taj Mahal.

Just to avoid this conflict, Indian Government is not allowing anyone to enter inside. Because they feel that many evidences could be revealed which leads to Hindu-Muslim quarrel. If evidences found were in the favor of Indians, then Hindus would unite and force Government to rename Taj Mahal into Tejo Mahalaya. This action might not be accepted to Muslims as they consider this as their own predator’s heritage.

Below are some pictures collected from all over the Internet ( Authentic Sources ). Scroll them once and re-think.


















Well, we are not here to declare some statement. We are just here to make you aware of all facts present in the existing world. Rest everything depends on you.

Top Facts about Taj Mahal

  1. The architect was Persian not Indian


It has been said that the architect of Taj Mahal was persian not Indian. His name was Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. Some people also believed that he was also one of the architect behind the foundation of Red Fort.

2. Britishers stole Precious stones


Britishers when left India, stole every precious stone from Taj Mahal. These stones were brought and imported from Tibet and China and set in White Marble.

3. Minarets are built little tilted


These Minarets are little tilted because it was made so. It was made scientifically as this avoid earthquake.

4. Different Shades of Taj Mahal


I haven’t noticed this pretty thing in Taj Mahal but next time whenever I go, would surely notice. Taj Mahal has different shades due to the reflection of Sun. Like baby pink in the morning, bright white in the evening, sparkly golden in the moonlight. It has said that it exactly represents Mumtaz and her different moods of shades.

5. A total of 99 Allah names were inscribed on the walls


You would surely remember this wall if you have ever visited Taj Mahal. You would find a total of 99 Allah names on the walls. These were exactly resemble Quran. It really fascinates because of its calligraphy style.

6. Took 22 years to complete and about 32 Million rupees


All good things to those who wait. It was built 300 years ago and took almost 22 years to complete. It has the best structural design ever made in the history. If amount was calculated approximately at that time, it comes out somewhere between 32 million rupees.

7. Water Stream flows inside without any Source


This is another interesting story flowing inside Taj Mahal. There is always a water stream flowing inside without any known source. This is still a mystery and scientists have not found any single evidence since years. It has been believed by the followers that when makers of Taj Mahal got the inside news that their hands are gonna cut after the completion f Taj Mahal. They made this water stream which will flow continuously and without any source.

8. Shah Jahan was put in the jail by his son


After Taj Mahal had built, his son Aurangzeb put his father under house arrest in Agra Fort. He remained there for rest of his life as a prisoner. Shah Jahan demanded nothing but only one request. He requested to put himself in that room from where he can see Taj Mahal and remember his beloved wife. It is also believed that during his old days, he lost his eye sight and used Kohinoor diamond to see Taj Mahal in the reflection.

9. Taj Mahal is even taller than Qutab Minar


Which is the tallest heritage site in India? We always answer this question with Qutab Minar. But we have never noticed that Taj Mahal is even taller than Quatb Minar. Heights have shown in the picture.

10. P.C.Sorcar has made Taj Mahal Vanish in 2000


P.C.Sorcar has made Taj Mahal vanished with just an illusion on 8th November 2000. It made the Taj Mahal disappear before the eyes of public in Kachchpura in Agra.

Whenever you visit Taj Mahal next time, do not miss a chance to see and analyse this way.


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