Great Success in Medical Science – Dead Heart Back To Life

We always believe in miracles especially when our loved ones are in danger and fighting for their life. We Human beings try every possible thing just to keep our loved ones alive. Sometimes, miracles happen and sometimes we lost them. At the end, we end up in saying human beings can’t go against the God.

There are some Great Success in Medical Science that brought Dead Heart Back To Life

But with the help of outstanding technology and Medical’s constant hard work towards bringing something productive has proved that now we can go against the God. We can go against the law of nature.

TransMedics’ Organ Care System is the name which proves this all. This major improvement in the Medical history has served many purposes. This can save someone’s life, utilize someone’s heart donation and many more. Let’s know more about this.

What is TransMedics Organ Care System?

It is a device developed by TransMedics, an Andover, Massachusetts-based company. This device looks like a small heart put in a box. This box on wheel can preserve the Heart of a dead donor long even after being dispatched from the donor clinically. This wheeled cart contains oxygen supply, a sterile chamber and also keeps on feeding necessary nutrients and blood. This mechanism can hold the heart from being dead and useless. It costs you around $250,000.

This device is commercially available in Europe and Australia and waiting to get the approval from U.S. According to the stats, this device has been successfully used in Australia and UK and saved 15 lives.


How TransMedics Works?

When the heart got detached from the dead donor, it has to be preserved at certain temperature so that it would remain warm and working. Before this technology has evolved, doctors were not able to preserve the heart for so long. Then it was of no use. To get rid of this hurdle, TransMedics has proved a great success. This device keeps the Heart warm and functional by supplying oxygen and blood along with all the required nutrients.

heart in a box
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Stephen Large, a surgeon at Papworth hospital in the United Kingdom has used this device for eight heart transplants. Just for reference, out of all eight, one lucky 60 year old man from London is Huseyin Ulucan. According to transplant surgeons, they categorize death into two types. One is brain dead and other is death because of heart and blood flow stopped. Second one is known as circulatory death. Thus, Surgeons need hearts from Brain dead so that they can be cooled down inside the body. Thereafter, this can be shipped at 4 degree Celsius.

Therefore, this device keeps the heart warm in order to make it functional.

heart transplant
PC: Wired

Why such invention has emerged?

According to the death stats in the world, U.S and UK has more severe deaths case like accidents, failed suicide. So, these would be included in brain damage and could use for the heart transplants. (Of course, after received consent from their parents).

Moreover, U.S has approx 2500 heart transplants every year. This gives a strong reason for Medical science to invent this device. This is really incredible task and invention what they have tried and successfully done.

PC: From st.Vincent’s Hospital

I might not be wrong if I say that after God, doctors are our saviors. I believe, after reading this entire article, you must be agreeing by this statement. We are blessed to have this device between us. Big thanks to the device developers.

Strange part is along with such intelligent people who have made such device which one can’t imagine even, there are many foolish people who are bothered about the ethical issues. They have more concerns that whether this device fulfills the ethical standards or not as it is against the law of nature.

I really feel pity on those people who feel more for ethical standards rather than saving someone’s life. I hope, they could understand the value of life someday.

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