How To Handle Your Home Appliances

How To Handle Your Home Appliances

The only time they handle these appliances are when transporting them from departmental stores to your kitchen when you buy the.  Don’t you feel great that you have been maintaining such delicate equipment carefully for years together, well with your own techniques, skill and common sense only?

You are expert in continuously scanning and procuring all the commodities from broomstick to drumstick well in time so that the house is running without any shut down.

This task would become a big project to your husbands, who would need stock index cards for all items, daily consumption registers, and transparent containers for oils so that the level could be monitored, etc. with all this, they would shut down the kitchen for two days in every fortnight for inventory-taking and to find that they are left with cards and registers and nothing for cooking. But you keep a superb mental track of these commodities even with their current and previous prices and sizes.

So far we have seen only a few samples of their preconditions to their performance. Now let us see how they would really act.

Suppose there is sudden power cut in the night and your house has plunged in darkness, they would hurricane lamp as you all would do within minutes. Instead, they would plead sitting in the darkness for provision of emergency lights, portable generators and other facilities without any move to provide light to disperse the sudden darkness.

For day to day routine problems like drainage blocking, leaking water taps, invasion of cockroaches, etc, they would try their expertise only in locating an agency for awarding a maintain the house  for a single day without the help of plumbers, electrician and a couple of assistance which you all tackle alone.

You are at ease in account keeping and controlling and setting more than a dozen bills (namely children’s school fees, bus fees, gas bills, house rent, cable, TV, telephone, mobile bill etc) every month.

It would be a marathon assignment for our husbands to handle Of course, they would immediately demand a PC with spread sheets Alas, you do it within the time you take a change a couple of bed sheets! Are they not failures in raising even once in a blue moon official LTC/medical claim? By the time they think of putting up the claim they would have lost all the receipts.

They are mostly found lacking in remembering routes except their to and fro routine routes to their offices.

You provide them instant and correct inputs like telephone numbers, address etc, when they are struggling with the receiver in one hand to answer the query from the other end of the phone. You are alerting them for refills of fuel in their vehicles.

Let me not count your routine chores of searching for and locating their vehicles’s keys, money packs, cells phones, Googles, socks, ID cards etc.

Now you all understand what efficient and intelligent roles you are playing taking high risks on your shoulders if you do costing for your roles and the savings on account of this. I can vouch that would be nowhere less than or in many instances even more than your husbands’ earnings.

Housewives, the few real-life illustrations narrated above are more than enough for you all to proudly than you are CEO- viz finance, marketing, human relations, planning and scheduling-in managing the noble institution-HOME

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