Have You Ever Seen These Best “Car Advertisements” Before?

Car Advertisements for brands are nothing but a way to express their strength and unique selling proposition. If talking about big brands, few names have always been on the top like Audi, BMW, and Porsche etc.

This article would take you through best car advertisements that you have never seen before.

When automobile players fight, they fight with a style. Competition seems always high in this industry. And to reach on No. 1 position requires so much effort and hard work. For this, they have to do advertising, promotions, branding on their own products and critics on others. Yes, criticism marketing also proves best in this industry.

We have perfect example for this – Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI – Who nailed it

Well, this article comprises of some of the best ads from different brands trying to showcase their products in a best possible way. Let’s see how creative they are and how beautifully they have presented their ideas.

  1. BMW and Jaguar War Ad

As you must have seen the above link provided about War Ad between BMW and AUDI, so you can imagine that how active BMW is going for ad war. This time they chose Jaguar.


2. Porsche shows that they are perfect even if nobody is perfect.

A well executed thought and advertisement on their continuous winning. Side by side, keeping themselves on other side by saying nobody is perfect. Well done Porsche. Anyways, seems like GT Carreera car was not your product as it caught fire and burnt on road and we lost our beloved Paul Walker in that incident.


3. Beetle used censored concept beautifully

At times, it is really funny to know the concept behind this ad that Beetle takes care of its car’s top part. But on the other side, it is really appreciable that how strategically they have presented its USP. People go crazy for topless cars.


4. Mercedes shows their fastness really well

This ad shows that nobody can be as fast as Mercedes. This is what they are trying to showcase and blurred the surroundings.


5. Jeep Can Park anywhere

Jeep seems very rough and tough. We hardly dare to stick in front of it. Being very huge and strong body, we can drive it with ease. You could be very confident while parking like this.


6. TATA Sumo can fly

I think TATA SUMO has taken Rohit Shetty’s film very seriously. That’s why they came up with this ad having wings on it.


7. HONDA Mobilio

Honda Mobilio used a very different way to show that they are the the 7 seater of India by using TIMES OF INDIA Newspaper. Starting from selection of newspaper inventory till the ad designing, everything seems perfect.


8. MINI USA is all you need while travelling.

All you need is MINI USA if you are traveling. It doesn’t mean that you can’t travel if you don’t. It leaves a great impact when they shown a trail chain of bags. This totally justifies their idea and their product.


9. FIAT Replied in a best way

FIAT once received a message that ” If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched”. I think this really pinched FIAT to great extent. So, this is how they reacted and responded.


10. VOLVO V8 says everything by not saying any single word.

Last but not the least, Volvo said everything by hiding this word. ( I think that word starts from F )


So, I guess most of you didn’t heard or seen these ads before. But just imagine how creative they are in terms of branding and criticism. We should really learn lot many things from them like how to hurt others with sugar coating words. Automobile industry are best in this field.

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