Heart Touching World’s Greatest Real Life Love story

A Girl is attracted by a decent guy and fell in Love and its vice-versa for guys, some tragic ending, some spices, some twist, at times it turns to success and most of the times it is a failure. There are many such love stories, which exists. Thanks to movies and great story writers that we have witnessed throughout our Life. But very few of us know that there is actual real life “Love Stories” which history has kept inside its heart.

Through this blog, which to highlight Heart Touching World’s Greatest Real Life Love story.


“Apollo” which is also referred as God of music, poetry, art and many things, blessed his son “Orpheus” with a Lyre (string instrument known for its use in Greek classical antiquity) and teach him how to play. Orpheus has mastered it in his own style and became such a perfectionist, that when he play nothing could resist his music and melody.

After a short while he fell in love with “Eurydice”- which was a beautiful woman. They fell in love with each other and get married. But alike other love stories this love story takes turn after marriage.

One fine day when “Eurydice” was wandering in the forest, one shepherd saw her and fell for her beauty. When that shepherd tried to made advances towards her, she started running. The shepherd chases her for a while but she managed to escape. Though she was lost in forest and get bitten by a snake and died instantly.

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When Orpheus came to know about this, he has shown his grief by playing a sad note, with his tune he managed to move and touched every living thing but not his dead wife.

Orpheus father Apollo suggested him to go and see Hades. Any other human would have easily died during the journey, but Orpheus was protected and blessed by Gods. So he managed to see him alive.

HADES (PC: wikimedia)

He started to play for them and tried convincing them to make her wife alive again and return her from death. Music was sad and heart touching.

orpheus in the underworld
Orpheus in the Underworld

Hades got impressed and told Orpheus that he could make his wife alive again. But with a condition Her soul would follow you, till you walk out from this underworld to your real world and by any mean Orpheus was told not to look back towards her wife. When the light of real world would come, he can turn back and can see her wife alive again.


Orpheus agreed and started returning back. Till sometime he didn’t turn back as promised, but after some while got impatient and turned back. Of course he was able to see her wife Eurydice but just in shadows, which slowly became vanished. Further he was punished by Hades and froze to death for not following what he was asked to do.

Death of Orpheus
Death of Orpheus PC: wikipedia

Some people believe this as story, some as myth, but there are true followers as well, who believe in this true love story.

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