History of Advertisement war between Coke and Pepsi – who is on top

Coca-Cola commonly known as “Coke” owned by The Coca Cola Company – Atlanta Georgia. Pepsi is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. Coke was created by John S. Pemberton in 1886, whereas Pepsi was invented by a Pharmacist named Caleb Bradham.

History of Advertisement war between Coke and Pepsi – who is on top


Though there are many soft beverage companies which are doing pretty good in terms of business, promotion and branding. But both Pepsi and Coke are on top when it comes to these. Yes, some of you might not agree with this. Who wants to let down their favorite brand.


Promotion and Branding is an essential factor when you want to sell your product and both Pepsi and Coke lead the chart into it.


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Whenever any brand (Coke or Pepsi) introduce a new flavor, another Rival introduce the same to stay in the market. Following are some of the examples:



Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light Diet Pepsi/ Pepsi Light
Caffeine Free Coca Cola Caffeine Free Pepsi
Coca – Cola Cherry Pepsi Wild Cherry
Minute Maid Tropicana Twister
Sprite 7 Up / Mountain Dew
Nestea Lipton
Kinley Aquafina


So none of them want to fell short in product categories and immediately launch and new product in the same category when the other brand introduces anything new and which is accepted by the masses.


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Advertisement wars

Pepsi always do aggressive marketing and it has done few print campaigns directly competing with the Coke.

First one of them was telling about joy of Pepsi, even the straw refused to get in the can of Coke.


Second advertisement was showing way towards Pepsi booth clear even in snow, that shows people love Pepsi more than Coke as it was covered with snow.


Another ad was  released  on April 1st (April Fool), just to make fun of Coke. Which says that We Love Coca- Cola.


This advertisement gets viral and sooner fans across the globe started uploading their own created pics to support their brand.

This one showed a polar bear crushing the holder of Pepsi.


This One uploaded by user showed a Coke vending machine was taken by a giant Pepsi truck, showing the power.


Another photo uploaded by user of a restaurant which says  “No Pepsi…….Coke”.


Another photo uploaded by a fan shows his support for Coke.

coke and pepsi advertisement war

The most creative upload by fans was the below one, where one has uploaded “Murder of Coke” and in response gets “Murder of Pepsi”

murder of coke and pepsi


This continued for a longer period of time, where fan has shown up for their support for their  favorite  drink.

In the meanwhile Coke has hired a second floor of some building for its Marketing purpose and placed a Sign Board that Coca Cola second floor. Pepsi has smartly placed a sign board just down side mentioning that Pepsi is everywhere.

coke on second floor, pepsi everywhere

Now again Pepsi brings on one print advertisement, where the message was “We wish you a scary Halloween”.

pepsi wish you a very happy halloween

Soon some Fan did some changes to this ad and uploaded it over internet, which actually was very meaningful. This was posted on internet by 9Gag

happy_halloween_pepsi_cokeThen this continued with many video advertisements. Now today what is the current story everyone knows.

Hope you enjoy reading this.


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