Honest Review Of 10 Steps Korean Skincare Routine – Best Tips To Know

By now, you all must have heard about this 10 step Korean skincare routine. Koreans are known for their flawless and young looking skin. There are few steps which every Korean follow in order to stay healthy and glowing. In this article, I am going to first explain their entire 10 steps routine and then would also give you honest reviews about every single step.


We all have our own skincare routine which aries from person to person. We all cleanse our face two times ( I believe we all do this ). We all take care of our skin by moisturizing and sunscreen. But this is not enough for our skin. Here Korean skincare routine comes in between. Korean skincare is all about topping up products one over another. But, main difference is that they do it at right time, with right products and in right order. This is what we need to learn and grab to achiveve flawless glass skin.


First, I will explain their 10 steps of skincare routine and then I will tell you few tips in between which you might get useful. And, also would tell you a shorter version as well for lazy or busy people who can not afford long 10 steps. ( Wait till the end )




1. Oil Based Cleanser

Oil based cleansing is considered as the first step. If you have heavy makeup on or you have impurities or dirt on your face, this oil based cleanser is everything you need.

Recommendations :

You can choose any carrier oil as per your choice or skin type. You can apply coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil, mustard oil directly on your face. If you are planning to go for essential oils like vitamin E oil, rosehip oil. grapeseed oil, lemon oil, avocado oil etc. then you need to mix these oil any of the carrier oil mentioned above. You can’t apply essential oils directly on your face as these are little hard in density. You would not be able to rub or apply these with smoothness.

How to Use :

Take a small amount of oil on your palm and rub before applying on your face. This will help the oil to warm up and allow it to penetrate easily. Massage gently on your face in circular motions and upwards. Keep doing this for almost 5 minutes and then go for second step.


2. Water Based Cleanser

Water based cleanser is the last or second step in double cleansing approach. Water based or foam cleanser is one of the same thing. You can choose any as per your skin type and skin problem.


If you have acne prone skin, then choose that face cleanser which has salicylic acid or glycolic acid in it. ( Click here if you want to know a liitle more about it)

If you have dry skin, then choose a glycerin based which cleans and hydrates your skin at the same time. Moisturization is the only solution you have. The more you hydrate the more healthy is your skin.

If you have combination skin, then you can go for mild cleansers which will give hydration to the dry areas and removes excess oil from oily areas.

If you have oily skin, go for those cleansers who has the property to remove excessive sebum or oil secreted by your face. Even if you have oily skin, you still need moisture to your face.

How to Use :

Take any water based cleanser as per your skin type and skin problem, on your palm and lather it a little. This is like your foam cleanser which are now in trend. Then wet your face and apply on all over your face and neck. Massage in circular and upwards motion for about 60 seconds. The more you cleanse, the more you focus on all areas like hairline, around nose, chin and more. Then wash off with lukewarm or simple water. Do not use hot water as it would dry up your skin and increase the aging process.


3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps you in cleaning clogged pores and removes dead skin/cells from the upper layer. When you exfoliate the dead cells, your skin will brighten up and lightens dark spots as well to some extent. The most important tip here is that you can not follow this step on a daily basis. This is supposed to be on a weekly basis. If you have normal skin or you have really hard and dead skin, you may opt for two times a week. Other than that, I recommend you to do this once in a week.


You may go for home made exfoliator and chemical scrub as well. Now it is all upto you that how you want to take it. ( Click here to know sme of the best home remedies ) Pesonally, I rely on home made remedies as they won’t affect your skin in long run as well. But if you want instant results, then go market one. But still, look for ingredients as well. 

How to use:

First, wet your face with splash of water or rose water. Take a pea sized amount of scrub on your palm and rub a little to warm it up. Gently apply and rub in circular motions on your face specially on nose, chin, hairline where pimples really come. Pimple occurs when a dirt or impurities get clogged under your skin and form a pus inside. It is neecessary to clean out that dirt out of your skin. Do not rub hard as it would lead to redness and itchy.


4. Toner

Toner is something which is very necessary for oily skin type people. It is a must for them. Well, what it does. It removes the leftover dirt which might be there on your skin even after double cleansing ans scrubing. It will remove the traces of any makeup, dirt or impurities easily. Moreover, it basically prep your skin and hydrates as well and make your skin ready for durther products to absorb easily.


You can choose anyone that claims to miniize the pores. Like Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner With Himalaya Waters. I am personally using it and have definitely seen the results. Click here to buy

How to Use:

Take a damp cotton pad or cotton wool and pour an adequate amount of toner on it. Apply evenly all over the face and ncek. And then simply dab over the ares where you have clogged and open pores. Let it sit on your skin and abosrb as well. Wait for ateast 2 minutes and then go for next step.

Tip: If you have extremely dry skin, then I would suggest you to skip toner as it might leave your skin drying a bit. If you really have large open pores, then go for hydrating ones. Like honey water and many more available in the market. 

Or Home Remedy Tip – Splash your face with lukewarm water and then cold water and repeat this one after another for at least 5 to 7 times. This would reduce your large open pores to a great extent.


5. Essence

Essence is again a watery consistent. This is one of the main step which Koreans swear by. It is more close to serums, ampoules or treatments but they find it very useful and effective for thier glowing skin. They are rich in properties which are helpful for hydration, complexion enhancer, and anti aging. 


There is no such specific recommendations as I personally do not find much useful. I personally take care of my serum selection more than essence. Infact, I never had any essence in my skincare routine. This is again like any other serum so I focused more on serums.

If you would like to use essence, then go for those who has Hylauronic Acid in it. Or rice extract which is good for hydration.

How to Use:

If you have one, then simply splash your essence on your face and let ot dru its own. After a minute, just dab your fingers so that it will penetrate in your skin.


6.  Serums

Serums are the main skincare regime step which has many variants like antioxidants, hydrating serums, moisturizing ones and other problem specific serums. Now why they are more effective because it comes with specific purpose like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and scars, dull and rough skin etc. 


Shop for those who has Vitamin C serum, Green tea serum, Hylauronic acid, Tea tree, soyabeans etc. Ther are multiple serums in the market. Again, do not go for any serum or brand. Check your skin type, skin problem and then look for skincare ingredients carefully. 

Tip: If you want to know more, click here

How to Use:

Take a serum on your palm and rub a little, then pat on problem areas and leave for about a minute or two. Do not rub like cream or moisturizer.


7. Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks are now widely used in India and other countries. Well, they are worth using it. Sheet masks are available in multiple variants like aloe vera, green tea, tea tree, avocado, olive oil, skin brightening, skin lightening, oil control, hylauronic acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid, salicylic acid etc. 

When in contact with your skin for atleast 15 minutes, they make your skin soft and hydrated at the same time. It will let you absorb thier nutrients and powerful serums into your skin and work. 


Sheet masks should only be used for 15 minutes maximum otherwise it will take away excess moisture out from your skin. Secondly, you can use any type of sheet masks like cucumber, green tea, rose, olive, etc. Every mask is good for your skin as you need everything right from moisture, glow, acne free, rejuvenating, anti aging, blemish free and what not. I recommend you to use at night as it will repair to the maximum.

How to Use:

Wash your face completely. Pat dry and apply toner. Toner is necessary before applying as it makes your skin to absorb the nutrients and serum better. Take out the sheet masks and fit on your face correctly. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove it upwards. Simply pat your fingers on your face and let it absorb. Do not wash your face afterwards. And if you feel dry after sheet mask, then you may apply moisturizer.

Tip: You would find enough serum left in the pack. You can apply the leftover on your elbows, knees, hands and neck.


8. Eye Cream

Eye Cream is necessary for all above 25 years. If you have some specifc skin issues before age like fine lines, wrinkles or other oil glands then start appying as soon as possible to get rid of it. Eye Cream or eye gel is made to reduce your skin issues. Eyes are very delicate areas on your whole face. Gels or Creams has to be very effective and mild at the same time. Also, you should be gentle while applying.


There are many gels or creams available in the market. You can use it from a good brand so that cheap creams or gels won’t affect your eyes. Try buying the one which has ingredients like honey, ginseng or lily. 

How to Use:

Take a small amount on your finger and apply carefull on under eye. Rub gently with little pinkie finger or ring finger with a light hand. Massage a litttle in a circular motion avoiding water line.


9. Moisturizer 

Moisturizer is all time necassry for everyone. Be it oily skin, dry skin, combination, your skin needs moisturizer the most. It is a myth that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer as it will produce more oil. But this is wrong guys. Moisturizer will cut the extra sebum produced in the skin. Moisturizer not only moisturize but gives nourishment as well. It makes your skin smooth and supple from within. 


You can choose any from the range like oil free moisturizer, acne free, lacto calamine, mattfying moisturizer, light weight moisturizer and many. While reading this article, there might be the chance that a new moisturizer is coming up in the market from xyz brand. You can choose as per your skin type or skin problem.

How to Use:

Take a sufficient amount on your palm and rub gently in upward and outward motion. If possible, massage a little so as to increase your blood circulation. Increase in blood circulation helps your skin super soft and glowing. For your information, facials do nothing but the producys or ingredients they use has the most nutrients. Facial massage gives your skin blemish free and glowing and reduce the signs of aging to some extent.


10. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen plays an important role in the skincare regime. It is one of the most important step which protects your skin from harmful sun rays. UVA and UVB present in the sun rays harm your skin and makes your skin prone to acne and aging skin. Sagging, dark circles, pigmentation, freckles are some of the problems raised from sunburn or suntan. 

You should always wear sunscreen even if you are inside your house. It must be your last step in the skincare regime so that it won’t get diluted by other products and loose its useful properties. 


Wear sunscreen with SPF at least 30 or above. Depending upon your skin and climate conditions, you should wear and purchase your sunscreen and protct your skin as best a possible. Go for some good brand and protect yourself from being tanned and burn.

How to Use:

As it is the last step so take extra time and apply evenly on your skin. Do not rub or swipe, rather pat and dab on your face so that it will help your skin to grab all its nutrients. A small pea sized amount is enough to protect from the harmful sunrays.

Tip: You should wear twice a day within a gap pf 5 hours to get most of the benefits. Appying sunscreen twice or thrice would elp your skin to the most. Secondly, your should your makeup products which has SPF in it to protect your skin with one extra step.


If you need the same Koren skincare regime but with Home remedies, then please comment. In that article, everything will be on organic and natural side. Starting from your double cleanser, tonet, essence till your last step.



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