How Lamborghini Was Made – Ferrari Should Not Have Done That


Why Ferrari is being mentioned while introducing Lamborghini Cars ? What is the relation between them ? Well, Ferrari should not have insulted a Tractor owner. But when he did, tractor owner backfired with his actions not by words. He made Lamborghini car and the owner is
Ferruccio Lamborghini.


How Lamborghini Was Made – Ferrari Should Not Have Done That


What actually happened between Ferrari and Ferruccio ? How they met and how this all started ? What was their next move ? These are some of the questions which must be arising in your head. Let me take you through the entire history. You would be amazed to know that how a tractor owner turned himself into a successful founder of luxury cars – Lamborghini.


About Ferruccio Lamborghini




In 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in a small town of Italy. It seems like he was born for the revolution in automobile industry. He has real deep passion in cars and engines. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was the time of world War II, entire island was separated from the rest of the world. It was announced by the governing authorities that any cars, trucks or any vehicle must be repaired on the spot. They use to repair with the used parts taken from military. Though, he had a good control on mechanical domain. He became famous there for fixing any vehicle mechanically.

After he returned his small town after war, he started realizing that there is a must need of some repair shop. With this positive thought in his mind, he opened his shop. After that, he began thinking that there is a need of tractor as well in the village he lived. With lot of efforts and hard work, he decided to built his own tractor from derelict military vehicles. He started making one tractor a month. Like wise, he worked really hard and become successful in his area.


Success Followed 




In 1960, he started making about 400 tractors a month. It was reaching a good rate in his career and business. That time has reached when he can start expanding his business. And he did exactly the same. He started manufacturing air conditioning units and heaters simultaneously. He began doing really good in this field as well.

Now when everything is going fine with him, he wanted to step high performance and expensive cars. He owned big cars like Oscas, Maseratis, Ferrari etc. But he always had some technical issue in clutch with Ferrari Car ( Ferrari 250 GT ). And this made him believe that he should visit his nearby ferrari factory. This positive thought becomes the turning point of his life.


How Ferrari Get Into This Rivalry ?


When Ferruccio visited Ferrari to speak with Enzo Ferrari ( Founder of Ferrari ), he didn’t get a warm welcome. Rather, Enzo didn’t have time to interact with a tractor owner. Finally when they met each other, Enzo said ” the problem is not with the car, but the driver”




This weird welcome made Ferruccio believe that there is nothing super awesome that Ferrari is doing, even he can also do the same or even better. That day he decided to make his own car with a V12 engine.


How Lamborghini was Born ?


He hired Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione, and Gian Paolo Dallara to make his dream come true. These are the ex-employees of Ferrari who had enough knowledge of automobile industry. He made his own first car and today we called it as “Lamborghini 350 GT


Some facts of Lamborghini 350 GT :

  • New Engine had 4 cam.
  • A short stroke and 4 big bore valves per cylinder.
  • Developed a surprising 350 HP.
  • All aluminum engine with a crankshaft supported by seven main bearings.
  • These crankshafts were machined from SAE 9840 steel.
  • The connecting rods (12) were of SAE 4340 steel.
  • The pistons were of forged aluminum.
  • Each pair of camshafts were driven by their own half engine speed sprocket and silent chain.


This is how it all started and we got our luxurious and breathtaking car ” Lamborghini “.

In 1970’s, Lamborghini’s tractor business started declining and got huge loss. This leads to loss of his interest in sports car and eventually shut down everything. He retired and went back to vineyard. It was going like that only for continuous 2 years and then one day Volkswagen purchased Lamborghini. This German manufacturer continued from there making high performance cars.

Ferruccio Lamborghini died on February 20, 1993, at the age of 76.

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