How To Make Your Own Primer At Home – All Skin Types


All you need is primer when you start applying your makeup. Primer not only adds up beauty for flawless makeup but also protects your skin from being damaged by harmful chemical products. Primer is the very first thing you do before makeup. Primer acts as a bridge between your smooth skin and harmful chemicals. This is the very important part of your daily skin care if you are very fond of makeup n a daily basis.


How To Make Your Own Primer At Home – All Skin Types


Why home made Primer ?


Primer is the very first step of makeup. As I said, primer acts as a bridge, therefore it should be as mild as possible. Primer not only gives you a effective layer between your skin and makeup but also gives a long lasting stay. Primer hold your makeup on for a longer period and thereby gives you full day long makeup wear.

Primer should be chemical free and should contain no side effects to your skin. Therefore, if skin care comes into my mind then I prefer home made and natural products. I recommend this to all of my users and visitors as well.



You can easily find these ingredients in your are or kitchen. ( Not expensive though )

  • Empty container
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Foundation ( Prefered liquid )
  • Moisturizer ( Liquid )
  • Sunscreen ( Optional )


Just to test the primer that it would suit your skin or not, lets keep it with a small quantity first. follow these steps in exactly same proportion so that  it won't become too sticky or greasy.

  • Take an empty clean container and put one tablespoon of foundation. Foundation should be of your skin tone as it goes well when you apply your makeup over it. It would give you a decent look. 

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  • Add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. make sure the quantity of aloe vera gel and foundation must be equal. Aloe vera gel gives the primer texture a bit thick so that it would not taken off easily. Aloe vera hydrates your skin without getting sticky.

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  • Add half tablespoon of moisturizer into the mixture and stir well. Moisturizer helps in making a light weight primer so that it gets absorbed in the skin easily and moisturize at the same time.

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  • Add a small pinch of sunscreen it it. This is optional. 


  • Mix all of the above ingredients completely and this would look something like the below picture.


DIY_primerDIY Primer. Store in a cool place.


You can add more quantity of all the ingredients to make more primer. But just remember the proportions as well as this would help you in making the primer in exact texture ( shown above in the pic )


You can see the difference in just few days that your makeup would not turn off easily. Secondly, you will also feel that by using this primer, you would not get oily and greasy look at your T-Zone area.


Primer is the very basic need of your skin prep and before makeup as well. Of course, there are many more expensive primers are available in the market. But those are very expensive. Just because they are expensive, doesn't mena that they are effective. They might not be like that. But by using this home made primer, you would surely get fruitful results.



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