Know Best 5 Healthy Foods That Gives You Glowing Skin


Glowing skin must be weakness of all of us. Men, women, boys, girls, and old people too everyone wants their skin to glow more than a Surya Electric Bulb. For this, everyone must have tried all expensive face creams or packs, cosmetics, herbal, home remedies treatments and many more. None of us got the exact pin point.


Know Best 5 Healthy Foods That Gives You Glowing Skin


After lot of research, we have come across with the fact that anything or everything you eat reflects on your skin. If your diet is not healthy and proper, you would witness acne, pimples, dull skin and worse skin problems. So, do a deep look at your diet and eating habits as well.

Here are 5 raw foods which are very essential for your glowing skin. You must eat it daily and then you would realize the importance.






Avocados are the best food for glowing skin. It is considered as nature’s provided moisturizer. It contain great amount of Vitamin E which is necessary for skin to avoid aging effects. It acts as an antioxidant.

How to eat: Take one Avocado and mash it up with lemons, pepper and a pinch of salt. If you want to add more taste, add carrots in it as carrots contains Vitamin A.

Also, if you want to use avocado as a face pack, you can go ahead with it. I have mentioned face pack link in the last of this article.

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Why cooked tomatoes not raw ones ? Cooked tomatoes have increased level of lycopene which protects you from sunburn and skin-aging properties. Lycopene is the only ingredient which makes tomato red. This is what it does for your skin as well.

How to eat : Take one tomato and cook it well. Eat it with salt and pepper sprinkled on it or eat without any toppings. If you are not comfortable with the cooked food, then you can eat it raw as well.

Tomatoes removes your aging chemicals and makes you young as always.

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Boiled egg is something which you must eat for your skin and hair as well. This is the only food which gives you beauty vitamin i.e. Biotin and helps you strengthen your hair naturally.

How to eat : Either you can boil the egg and eat it without any salt or pepper. Or, some people might considering eating raw egg too. You can eat the way in which you are comfortable.

Do not ignore the white egg rather it is the only one who is helping you in making your skin brighten and whiten.

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You might have heard many advantages and disadvantages about green tea by now. Green tea is useful because it contains catechins in it. It prevents from cancer causing agents and acts as an anti-oxidant. Excess of everything is bad, therefore do not overdose it as caffeine brings dehydration.

How to Drink : Drink only two cups of green tea in a day. Boil water and dip green tea bag or put green tea leaves in it. It gives its soothing color and essence.

Green tea not protects your skin from sun damage but also from cancer causing properties as well. Research proves that more than 2 cups a day would lead to side-effects on skin.

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Oats are very rich in silicon. This not only helps you to reduce weight but also helps your skin to become more beautiful and brighten. It fights with dry and dull skin, dead cells, pigmentation etc.

How to eat : Cook oats with normal spice and pepper. Or you can also have its face pack.

Mix oats with lemon juice and honey and water to make a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on your face and get your skin glow in just a week.



I hope you would get an idea that how these foods can actually helps us in many ways and makes your skin glow.


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