Know Best Home Remedies For Aging Eyes Naturally


If you closely see, eyes are the most attractive feature of human body. Though, everyone has their own thinking angle. But, eyes speak louder than words. We can’t deny this fact. That is why; we have to take care of our eyes the most.

Know Best Home Remedies For Aging Eyes Naturally


Aging is the natural phenomena which we all are afraid of. Obviously, nobody wants to look old before the age comes. Though, it all depends on the food we eat, how we take care of our eyes since teenager and the list is never ending.

We can’t avoid the aging skin and eyes, but yes we can definitely help ourselves to delay this aging effect. Apart from knowing how to get rid of dark circles or best home remedy for wrinkle free eyes, we also need to understand that how we should avoid aging eyes as well.

Let’s explore the best HOME REMEDIES for aging skin so that we would look even younger than our age.



Potatoes can not only be used in vegetables but it can also make your skin soft, supple and aging free. It contains natural bleaching properties and makes our skin lighten. Also, it prevents your skin from itching and burning sensation.

When it comes to your eyes, it reduces the puffiness to a greater extent. It sets the skin around your beautiful eyes to bring back to its normal looks.

How To Apply :

Cut a potato into thin slices and rub it on your affected area ( face or eyes ). Then take another slice and put it on your eyes for about half an hour. Remove the slices and was your face with cool water. Apply this thrice a week for better results.


Almond oil is very essential oil for our skin, hair and eyes as well. It is rich n Vitamin E which is responsible for rejuvenating your skin. It repairs your skin from the deep and nourish at the same time.

How To Apply :

Put a small drop of almond oil n your finger. Massage your under eye gently with fingers only in a circular motion. Apply this at night before sleep. Wash your face with mild face wash next morning. Use it daily for better and quick results.


Honey is the also one of the most effective and useful natural ingredient from nature. Honey not only nourishes your skin but also treats you externally and internally as well.

How To Apply :

Massage your eyes and under eyes mainly with a small drop of honey. If you add sugar into it, it would work as dead skin removal cream even. It would be recommended to use honey alone to get rid of aging eyes. Use it daily for best results.


Rose water is the only coolest thing we have to apply on our skin and it would give your skin a natural glow and freshness.

How To Apply :

Take a cotton ball and dip it in rose water. Apply this cotton ball all over you face. I would highly recommend using it on your entire face not just on your eyes. You can leave it as it dries off quickly. Use this daily on your face and enjoy the coolness and freshness all day long.


Tea bags contain tannic acid that has soothing properties. It helps in soothing puffy eyes and irritated eyes at the same time. It helps reducing swelling around the eyes.

How To Apply :

Take used tea bags for this method. Squeeze out all the water and place them on your eyes. It helps in reducing puffiness and wrinkles as well. Place them for round about 15 minutes and then wash your face with normal plain water.


You can follow these steps and prevent your eyes from aging effect.

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