Know These Best Makeup Products Under 300 – Friendly Budget

Bobbi Brown, MAC and other leading makeup companies have dominated the market to a great extent. Cost of the product is directly proportional to the quality of the product. But people somewhere forget that still market is having other cosmetic companies with affordable cost.


Check out to know these Best Makeup products under 300 with a friendly budget.


Making up your face includes everything starting from your moisturizer till blusher. Makeup brushes are also contributing a lot for seamless makeup. Because we are having cream based products and powder based products, so we do need makeup brushes for effortless techniques. Of course, you need not buy expensive brushes and also need not to purchase all. Basic makeup brushes would do the needful.


( If you want to know a full guide of makeup brushes : How to Use Best 10 Makeup Brushes – Full Guide )


Lets us start with necessary makeup products for a full makeup look. I would include face, eyes, base etc. and do read in between must read related articles. ( Would surely help you know more and better )


  • Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation



Lakme Invisible foundation would give you sheer to normal coverage It works well with oily skin as it would provide you matte look and oil free look. It comes with SPF -8. Bottle comes with spatula attached with it and easy to use. It is little cream like texture and not very thick to use. As it gives sheer light coverage therefore you can wear this in daily use. You cannot consider this if you want full coverage. It comes in 5 different shades. Choose before buying.

PRICE : 183 INR     |     213 INR @Nykaa     |     200 INR


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  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Compact


This comes with 6 different shades. Ivory shade is suitable for fair skin tone. If you have dusky skin or Wheatish skin, then do to dare to use it as it would give you ghostly look. It contains SPF of 20 which is good for your skin from harsh UV rays. It is not shimmery but yes do gives a matte look. You can use it regularly and it lasts for 3 to 4 hours with re-touching.

PRICE : 189 INR @Nykaa & Purplle    |     162 INR @

  • Maybelline Color Show Blush



Best and cutest packaging ever. Serious travel friendly and affordable too. If you really do not want to show that you are wearing blush, then this is a good option. It is not very strong and high, rather it looks really natural. You can wear it on a regular basis. Moreover, it does not contains shimmer int as it would give party kind of look. It has very smooth and seamless results on your face. No matter how strong you put this on your face, it would always give you sheer light results which is excellent for daily makeup.

PRICE : 260 INR @     |     254 INR @ Nykaa

  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal



This product says that it would give you good intensity, care and wear.  This would provide you 6 hours smudge resistant. It contains vitamin E and so protect your delicate eyes from harsh chemicals. This is really dark and thick in color. It is in yellow packaging as you can see in the picture. If given my personal recommendation, then I would give 3 out of 5 as it is okay for me. I would love to buy Lakme Iconic Kajal over it.

PRICE : 180 INR @Nykaa     |     186 INR     |     145 INR @Purplle

  • Lakme Instant Black Liner


Lakme Insta Liner

It comes with a small bottle with easy brush size and length. I would definitely recommend this for beginners as it provides easy application with perfect brush size. ( I am using it since years and do not want to switch to any other liner). Liquid liner is only bad if you do not have to time to dry it off. Once it dries off, it would remain on your eyes entire day without smudging. It takes a real long time to dry and this is the only bad thing about it.

PRICE : 83 INR     |     88 INR @Nykaa     |     89 INR @Purplle

  • Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara



There are many reasons behind choosing this mascara. First of all, price is worth. Secondly, brush is very user friendly and comfortable. Thirdly, Lakme claims that it comes with D – Panthenol moisturizer which moisturize the eye lashes. Always choose that mascara which doesn’t give you thick single coat. It does not give you sticky or clustered eye lashes. It stays long on your eyes.

PRICE : 265 INR @     |     280 INR @Nykaa    |     315 INR @ Purplle

  • Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow


It comes in different 15 beautiful shades. Above mentioned is Sand. It lasts longer and has velvety touch. It is easy in blending and looks. Many of these shades are perfect for day wear. You can wear it regularly when going your office or college. You need not to mix anything in it. It is not that creamy and not powdered. It is simply perfect. You can use brush for full coverage and fingers for sheer light coverage.

PRICE : 210 INR & Nykaa    |     189 INR @Purplle

  • Lakme Brow Pencil


It is easy to sharp and apply. It is as thick and black as you want for a natural look. Eye brow pencil is as important as you need your foundation. Because once you go dark black on your eye brows, you would look really different. Moreover you would be no more yourself. Well, coming back to the product, it is water resistant. You don’t need any touch ups once you have applied it in the morning. And, simple water splash won’t let it go off.

PRICE : 48 INR @ & Nykaa & Purplle

  • Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick



Elle 18 lipsticks are the best in their price. It provides you rich color in just one go. If you want to give the same color on your lips as well, put some foundation on your lips as well in order to hide the blackness. The best thing about this is that they comes with cocoa moisturizer in between which keeps your lips smooth and soft. Moreover, it comes with 20 different shades and all give you same good feeling while applying.

PRICE : 96 INR     |     90 INR @ Nykaa & Purplle  

  •  Himalaya Refreshing Cleansing Milk



Himalaya is very old company giving us many products since ages. We all can rely on it when it comes to skin and beauty. I strongly recommend Himalaya;s cleansing milk. It moisturize your skin and gives a supple effect. The key ingredients are lemon, grape seed and mint which is good for our skin. It gently removes dirt from your skin and gives refreshing look all the time.

PRICE : 80 INR @  & Nykaa & Purplle 


I hope I have given my best list as per my experience and research. If you have better list than that, please comment below so that other person won’t get misguided.

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