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Universe is nothing but wonders all around. It is so vast that you might not aware of all the things happened and still happening right now. You cannot measure the intensity of it. Planets, stars, galaxies, constellations and many more surrounds us all. Universe is something which fascinates the most. Why, when, how, what these are some questions that increase our curiosity about it.

Here, I have listed down few facts that would enhance your knowledge. May be after reading these facts, you might find it interesting that you want to Google it more.

  1. Earth is not a perfect globe. Its circumference at the equator is 40,077 km and id measured via poles, 68 km is the circumference.
  2. Atmosphere is a Greek word and it means ” Ball of Vapour”
  3. The earth’s crust is up to 60km thick below the continents and below the oceans it is just 5 to 10 km.
  4. Dinosaurs were wiped out by volcanoes that erupted in India near about 65 million years of ago.
  5. Magma is called lava once it is out from the surface.
  6. We have other planets as well where we can find Volcanoes like Olympus Mons on Mars. This volcano is considered as the highest volcano in our solar system with a height of 26.4 km.
  7. Its not that every time Earthquakes causes damages. There are about 10,000 earthquakes which occur every year.
  8. Water is present on other planets as well but in the form of water Vapour or ice not in liquid form.
  9. The reason behind the blue color of Earth is because of the copious amount of water in it. Water is actually transparent but deep water bodies absorb the red and yellow rays of light. Due to this, the only blue rays get reflected and reach our eyes.
  10. Venus and Earth rotates in opposite direction. If you observe from Venus, you would see sunset in the east and sunrise in the west.
  11. A new star is born in every 20 days and many stars are almost 1000 times bigger than our sun.
  12. The age of the oldest star in the Milky way is about 13.2 billion years.


Earthly Records:

  1. Highest Mountain : Mount Everest  ( 8850 m, Nepal )
  2. Longest River : Nile  ( 6671 km, Africa )
  3. Biggest Sea : Caspian Sea ( 436,000 km, Central Asia )
  4. Deepest Sea : Lake Baikal ( 1637 m ; Siberia )
  5. Largest Ocean : Pacific Ocean ( 166,240,000 square km )
  6. Largest Island : Greenland ( 2,176,000 square km )

Earthly Facts : 

  1. Average Distance to the Sun : Around 15 million km
  2. Radius : 6378 km
  3. Circumference : 40,077 km at the equator, 40,009 km at the poles
  4. Duration of one revolution around the Sun : 365.26 days
  5. Number of Moons : 1
  6. Mass of the earth : Around 6 trillion tons, i.e. six followed by 21 zeros

No matter from which country we belongs to, which caste, religion. at least we belongs to one Planet, one Universe.

**********Because You Can Know Everything*************

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