Little Girl Cried Crystal Tears Without Any Injury | True Story of Hasnah

It has been said that the most powerful weapon is Tears. What if the tears are actually Crystal Tears which is so sharp edged that they could cut even a paper or glass? Yes, this is a true story of a 12 year old girl Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, student in Lebanon. In 1996, this mystery got caught when this little girl cried crystal tears.

Little Girl Cried Crystal Tears Without Any Injury | True Story of Hasnah


One day, she felt something hard coming out of her eye in her school. When everyone tried to see and figured out, they all were surprised to see that a small sharp edged sparkling fragment is coming out of her eye without injuring her. This doesn’t stop there, it continued with another crystal soon. Witnessing such magic might be shocking as we have heard this only in our fairy tales.


Hasnah’s father took her to every possible reputed eye specialist but they were unanswered. Doctors were not able to justify the cause and they were speechless. No theory or case studies helped and they all left with the authenticity of those crystal tears. This question remains unanswered that how is this possible and what is the cause behind it.



When it was asked by the little girl that what happened and what you felt. She gave another shocking answer. She said that someone started knocking her door midnight. He dressed in a white. He said she needs not to be afraid and he introduced himself as “messenger of God”. The white knight explained him that he was behind those crystal tears and that all happened as per God. While they both were speaking, Hasnah’s little brother was witnessing all this. He followed her sister but he only heard Hasnah’s voice and failed to see and hear white knight.


Gradually this story comes into limelight and experts from Saudi Arabia took these crystals to the laboratories to certify. They also ended up in authenticating those crystals. Then as usual, Saudi Arabians wants to keep their mouth shut regarding this magical mystery. Even, they offered $50,000 to her father. Though they were not wealthy enough and this amount looked very lucrative to them. He accepted the offer and decided to keep mum. This exactly he did in front of cameras and said that it was all fraud and convinced the public even.


This is how media and corrupted people took away the reality from the world. Anyways, we would like to highlight this story so that people would come to know that miracles still exists.

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