Lost your Phone at house or Office | Make it ring automatically

At times we lost our phone at some place, specially at house. We search at everywhere, washrooms, kitchen etc. now after such a long waste of time, somehow we are able to find it. With the technology and advancement, it is very easier to make your phone ring, so that you could easily locate it.

Lost your Phone at house or Office | Make it ring automatically

Of course you can make it ring by using other phone. But what if your phone is in silent mode.Most of us doesn’t know the phone features, lets understand it:


locate your iPhone



  • You first need to go to and login with your Apple ID
  • Choose “Find My iPhone” and the servive would start locating your device.
  • Now Select your phone on the map given there, then click the (i) button.
  • Click the “Play Sound” option. It will keep making a noise until you unlock your phone physically.
  • Once your phone is back, just kiss it 🙂



locate your Android Phone

  • You need to login from your Gmail Account.
  • Now on the right hand side on the landing page click on the settings icon
  • Now click on Ring and it would locate your phone and make it ring.
  • There are other options as well to explore. Like Erase and Lock
  • Once your Phone is back, give it a tight hug.


Hope it works for you. And if it has then kindly share the good word to the world, so that others could also be helped.

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One thought on “Lost your Phone at house or Office | Make it ring automatically

  1. You guys should also tell the same about Windows phone.
    Log in to your Microsoft’s account.
    Select your device
    Choose option.
    Find my phone.
    You can also lock from there. With specific pin code that you’ll create instantly. So even your bestie can’t play a prank with you.

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