Malana Village – Himachal Pradesh – Trip to Hash Capital


I along with two of my friends were sitting on one fine Friday night of October, then suddenly we plan out to go to trek Malana village. Without any further delay in the same night we drive till Malana Village. Amazing days……

Malana Village – Himachal Pradesh – Trip to Hash Capital


Well first of all, let me explain one very important thing to you. Kasol and Kasauli are two different cities all together and they are not same. Kasauli is a hill station near Shimla. And Kasol is near to Malana Village, so if you are planning to trek Malana village, you need to plan your stay at Kasol.

We reached Kasol around very early morning and found a hotel with no staffs inside. One fine Australian guy was sitting and was smoking hash, we asked about hotel, he said he is also waiting for the same since long. So our hotel was booked, with no land lord inside (he came next day and we talked).


Kasol is a very small town, the main city is so small, that you can even walk from one side to another (few kms). Small shops, very fine Cafe’s, river side hotels etc. People look very polite there. So we rested that morning and in afternoon next day started our journey from Kasol to Malana village.


Malana Village is almost 21 kms from Kasol (minus the trek). You need to park your vehicle on the road and their is no security of your vehicle. Now for almost 1 km you need to trek down from the Malana main road to trek towards Malana village. Afterwards you would river bed. Clean and cold water, water level is not that high at shore, but really high and with full current in the middle, so make sure you act safe.


We were tired trekking so we relaxed at the river bed. Trust me the environment around was so relaxing.


Now the main trek start from the river to actual hills. There are no define stairs so, make your own way or just follow others. You might find few more people for the same purpose. Its tiring, its actual actual tiring. You would for sure rest multiple times before you trek up. Few hours and million time rest we reach the top.


Ahh, the moment was divine, as we really feel accomplished. Now the moment you enter the village, you would come across a sign board, which directly says you are untouchables. Means you can not touch anything in the village, you can roam, interact with people freely BUT CANNOT TOUCH ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

There was a sacred temple, which actually was looking very scary. But seriously it was also beautiful.

We were bit afraid, honestly. But we found locals who helped us in touring the village. We roam the village and the local guy was really happy with us, so he took us to one hill top and said that promise you would love that. Being amazed we have no options but to follow. So we followed him, and what a beautiful view it was at the hill top. It was amazingly beautiful. Yes the trek towards it is bit more risky, then trekking towards Malana village. But at the top you would also feel accomplished.

We returned in few hours, with a promise that we would come here again soon pretty soon.

Hope you like reading it, pictures used here in this blog is being clicked by me and I reserve all the rights to publish these images here. If you really like them, you might like to see more on my page


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