Microsoft came with best promotional ad | Beating up Apple and Samsung

Everyone got fascinated towards any xyz news related to Apple and Samsung cold war. Be it a patent war or best phone in the market etc. We all know that Apple and Samsung has covered a major mobile handset share in the market. And obviously, they won’t allow anyone else to enter in this league.

But, trying and trying till you succeed is the best motivation ever for everyone. And so Microsoft has implemented this. When Microsoft launched its Nokia 920 – Windows phone, they came with this promotional ad. This is worth watching for.

In this ad, they have shown that Apple and Samsung fans are fighting like anything but there is no need of it if you switch to Nokia Lumia 920. Microsoft came with a message ” Don’t Fight, Switch , Switch to Windows phone”. Though, in this ad, Microsoft has chosen strong words pointing directly.

In this entire ad, they have showed Apple and Samsung most of the time and in the end, Nokia 920 came with a simple and sharp message.

Funny and interesting ad:

This is the not the first time that Microsoft has pointed out on someone through Advertisement. Around 2012, Microsoft launched SCROOGLED, an advertising campaign pointing Google. They wanted to show the disadvantages of products and services of Google when compared with Microsoft’s products and Services. They were basically focused on Bing and Outlook.

This is also one of the interesting story ( We might cover this here in our articles later )

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