Need For Speed is Back !!! And it is Unbeatable this time

nfs 2For all game lovers, again a good news is coming to you and it is coming with an awesome speed. EA Sports is back with a blaster. Yes, I am talking about Need For Speed game which is going to release around 3rd November 2015. (Its not very far. Have patience guys). Be it a boy or Girl, school going kid or teenager, everyone knows about NFS game and they must be mad about it.

So, without wasting much of your time, I am giving you a glimpse of new NFS game.

Just check out the following things which will make you experience a new game altogether.

  • First of all, this coming series has no subtitle which would not annoy you anymore while playing.
  • This time it is being developed by Sweden’s Ghost games with Speedhunters just for EA sports. (Anyways, I believe experiencing a different graphics and moves makes us more crazy and people would hardly bothered about who make this and collaborated with whom)
  • Though, awesome story has more impact so they come up with storyline which would do wonders.
  • Game will offer you unique customization feature to make you more comfortable.( Yes, you can mold it the way you want )
  • Uniqueness in game comes when there is an authentic features related to cars. So, there is a change in authentic urban car culture.


Okay !! I do not want to spoil your experience before you play. So, I stop narrating here but yes I have jotted down main features of NFS so that you will eagerly waiting for it to come. ( O course, I am also waiting like anything )

I hope time flies by with Speed so that release date would come soon.

Enjoy Waiting.. Enjoy reading..

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