Not only Cars, Garage can also make Google


Almost 80 percent people imagine cars with garages but can you imagine Google with garage? Of course not. Nobody can but yes Google has its story with Garage. It has been said that talent too comes from small packages. If your beginning is good and strategized enough, nothing would stop you to grow beautifully. This applies to every field and every aspect of life. Whether it is your professional deals, personal matters or your start up project as a business, you could start it from the ground level also to convert it to a huge palace.

Not only Cars, Garage can also make Google

Larry and Segey
Larry and Sergey PC: chameleonwebservices


Something like this happened with Google in September 1998. Google which is multi Billion dollar Company started their career from a small garage which was in Menlo Park – Santa Margarita Avenue, Calif, in a single story house. Larry page and Sergey Brin have taken it from Susan Wojcicki on rent. (I wish I were Susan and rented my house and then I would be the Senior VP of Google)

Google garage


Now they have bought that garage just to remind themselves about their first step.

Google has really stood up on its name. Larry and Sergey have registered their domain as on 15th September 1997. Nobody knows at that time that this domain turned so successful that other domains would need Adsense account from them only.

google garage
PC: mashable


These guys have given a deep thought on the name even. Google was evolved from “googol”. This has a mathematical significance that is a numeral 1 and followed by 100 zeros. The motive behind this was to store innumerable amount of information stored on their website. ( Look at them, now they have all the information on Google that even they have launched ALPHABET too and registered also). If vision is clear, you would definitely be on top.

Google starting career
PC: mashable

There are many more things about Google or I would say history of Google that I might have missed but for jotting down their entire stuff, I would be requiring even big website than Google itself ( At this stage, might not be possible !!)

Lets hope for the best for Google ( Though they didn’t need it 😛 )

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