One Line Skin Care Remedy For All Problems – Best Hacks Ever

Yes, You have read it right. Here is the list of many skin problems and their one line remedy which you would easily get. Now, when I say many skin problems, they would be dry skin, pimples, scars, dry and chapped lips, dark circle etc. Well, I am not telling you a very long procedure wherein you would need to mix some spoonful ingredients to get the mixture ready. I am only telling you which you can do it right way while reading this article as well.

So, without wasting much of your time, lets start the article with one line remedy or you can skin care hacks.

One line remedy for Skin care


Skin Problems


Time Limit


1 Pimples 1 tbsp Honey + 1/2 tbsp Lemon 15 mins Weekly
2 Acne Scars Rub Lemon + Potato Juice 10 mins Daily (Night )
3 Glowing Skin Apply thin layer of Honey 20 mins Daily
4 Open Pores Apply Clay mask and Toner 5 mins Daily
5 Wrinkles & Fine Lines Put full mouth water and then splash water on your eyes 5 mins Daily( Morning )
6 Oil On Face Use Blotting papers or dab powder Whenever Daily
7 Dry Skin Rose water + Glycerin Before Makeup Daily
8 Puffy Eyes Place cold Spoon on the area 10 mins Daily
9 Eye Cream 1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel +  1 Vitamin E Capsule Overnight Daily
10 Pink Lips Brush and scrub your lips with toothbrush 2 mins Daily Morning
11 Tanning 1 tbsp besan + Water + pinch turmeric 15 mins Weekly
12 Smooth Skin Rose Water + Glycerin or Aloe Vera Gel 15 mins Daily
13 Skin Lightening Turmeric + Milk 20 mins Daily at night
14 Sunburn Aloe Vera Gel 20 mins Daily
15 Skin Brightening Coffee powder + Milk + Sandalwood Powder 15 mins Weekly
16 Scrub Sugar + Honey 10 mins Weekly
17 Day Cream Any Cream + Aloe Vera Gel 5 mins Daily
18 Night Cream Any Cream + Vitamin E capsule 5 mins Daily
19 Serum for Face 2 Vitamin C tablet + Rose Water + 1 Vitamin E capsule 10 mins Daily
20 Serum for Hair Distilled Water + Aloe Vera Gel + Rosemary essential Oil Spray After Hair Wash
21 Strong Nails Rub Garlic 5 mins Weekly
22 Strong hairs Rosemary Essential oil in Hair oil and Shampoo 20 mins Before Hair Wash
23 Ingrown Pimple Aloe Vera Gel or Honey Overnight Whenever needed

So, here are some of the common problems faced by most of us. Here is just a simple tip or hack that any of you can easily understand and apply without any hassle. Mostly, we all find really boring and tedious job to get our skincare done. But believe me, these hacks are not only easy but effective as well ( Regular use will make the difference )

Even if you want a detailed skincare or home remedies, I am providing you some of the best links down below:

1. Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Fast – Coffee Face Mask

Benefits of Coffee for your skin :

  • Best anti-oxidant
  • Works against free radical damage
  • Reduce Puffy eyes
  • Works as great exfoliator
  • Reduce Inflammation and redness from the skin
  • Remove sun tan

Coffee face mask when combined with potential ingredients works best for your skin to look beautiful and get rid off from face problems. You wil require just four ingredients for this mask

  • Coffee – Coffee is rich in caffeine which helps to reduce unwanted oils on face. It helps in removing dead skin as it works as great exfoliator as well. ( Kind of scrub ) Thereby, gives you smooth and glowing skin.

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2. Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles – 100 % Guaranteed results 

There are many reasons behind dark circles. You need to work on those causes as well for best results. Finding causes as important as finding remedies. Before get started, lets have a look on few causes so that next time onwards, you would take extra care on this.

  • SUNSCREEN : Whenever you go outside, always and always apply sunscreen. Sun exposure considered as the most important factor behind dark circles. You should invest in best sunscreen for your skin. I am using Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sun Block Pa+++ SPF-40. If you want to buy it, this is the direct link from Nykaa. ( BUY ) ( Though, I am not promoting anything, just to make it easier for you to search, have given the direct link )
  • WATER : You should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Water helps you to stay hydrated and optimum skin moisture. Water helps in reducing dark eye circles.

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3.  Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles

In this article we are going to talk about Six Power Foods That Fight Wrinkles. There are several things also, you can do in order to look younger such as doing some special exercises, including a simple diet routine and using some household tips.


olive oil is rich in anti oxidant properties that help prevent age related diseases. Including olive oil regularly in one’s diet and applying it directly on the skin helps keeping wrinkles at bay.


Yes, I’m serious here. If you want to look younger, start eating chocolates. Studies have proved that dark chocolate contains a good amount of anti- oxidants Flavanols. These tend to preserve the healthy function of the body’s blood vessels and keep the skin look younger and supple.

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4. Know Best Home Remedies For Aging Eyes Naturally

We can’t avoid the aging skin and eyes, but yes we can definitely help ourselves to delay this aging effect. Apart from knowing how to get rid of dark circles or best home remedy for wrinkle free eyes, we also need to understand that how we should avoid aging eyes as well.

Let’s explore the best HOME REMEDIES for aging skin so that we would look even younger than our age.


Potatoes can not only be used in vegetables but it can also make your skin soft, supple and aging free. It contains natural bleaching properties and makes our skin lighten. Also, it prevents your skin from itching and burning sensation.

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5. Know Best Hair Spa Procedure at Parlour – 5 Steps

Benefits of Hair Spa

  • Repair dull hair
  • Rejuvenate dead hair
  • Cleanse your entire hair and scalp for better growth
  • Making your hair with best quality
  • Brings shine and life

The first step is to massage your hair and scalp with oil. Choose your hair oil wisely like you choose your face creams to look beautiful. If you have dry scalp, then use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. If you have oily skin, then you can use combination of oils.

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