Porsche won over Paul Walker – Final Ruling Revealed

This must be a bad news for all Paul Walker fans all over the world. A Case has been filed by Paul Walker’s daughter on Porsche couple of months back for his death. This has been the most awaiting lawsuit. U.S District court has revealed the final ruling over this.


Porsche has won over this lawsuit by declining all the claims which has been claimed by Meadow ( Late Paul Walker’s daughter ). Porsche has defended themselves from numerous accusations.

Accusations Claimed from Meadow:

  • Car was defected and should not be marketed as “Racing car licensed for use on the road”
  • Did not include safety measures.
  • Lack of electronic stability control in the car.


after crash


All of these points were being highlighted by Meadow in the case and Porsche beautifully and cunningly defended and escaped so easily. She said that if safety measures would have been there, then accident could have been prevented.

Car crash


Following are some points which Porsche presented and easily escaped from this lawsuit.

  • They said that Paul Walker himself knows all the consequences and risks and voluntarily put himself in danger.
  • Porsche also very sure on a fact that Meadow will not receive any compensation because Paul Walker was a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the car.
  • They said that the car which was used at the time of accident was being altered and modified by the victim and so Porsche is not responsible for its safety measures.
  • Porsche also claimed that the car was at the speed of 80 to 93 MPH. But, where the accident occurred, maximum speed limit was 45 MPH.


porsche crash


All these points were presented in a beautiful manner in the court by Porsche company and they successfully won this lawsuit. Although, this case would not be able to bring back our beloved Paul Walker but still we would be more happier if we would have won this case in order to give this justice as a tribute.


Walker’s family believes that Paul Walker has survived the accident and was trapped and burnt to death because of the fire which ultimately lead to lack of safety being provided by the Porsche Company to the car. According to the Sources, it has been heard that Meadow’s family would still file the case against Porsche again.


We can only pray that we could bring justice to Late Paul Walker.


Paul walker


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  1. carol james

    Can,t believe it the porsche i mean , it,s been a long day with out u our friend hope to see u when i,m in heaven ,i,ll tell u about when u see u then

  2. James Corden

    How about finding out the REAL truth behind the lies hay. Meadow wasn’t even their at that advent on that day and time of the MURDER of her farther so who’s she to claim or say anything about it. How’s about the United States telling the REAL TRUTH for the people who don’t actully know the truth but make rumours anyway. (Otherwise known as slander) in some parts of the world. How’s about giving evidence instead of taking back handers and paying people off with money just for enjoying the lies that’s been told by others on all of this. How’s about not threatening other people in ways just because some or most people know truth. And how’s about the person or people who did this to both Paul and Roger come forword and say they did it because they are evil basterds. I hope them evil Basterds are died already because if they arnt they Fucking should be.

    • Beyourgoogle

      I totally understand your feelings James. We just hope that everyone would remember his name and his good deeds.
      That’s the only tribute that we can give to him.

  3. Frank N. Stein

    It was a tragic death, but they weren't murdered. It is evident that the driver lost control due to a high rate of speed, resulting in a collision that destroyed the vehicle and its passengers.

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