Real Success for Beautiful Skin – Natural Care | Tested and Proven

There are uncountable ways and methods to make your skin beautiful. People must have tried almost all the methods, naturally or chemically. Some of them got results and some of them didn’t as certain things would also depends on skin tone.

Real Success for Beautiful Skin – Natural Care | Tested and Proven

But the method which I am sharing in this article is tested and proven and the best part is that it is suitable for all skin types and tones. Caring your skin naturally has lot many advantages like no side effects, no allergy in future, not expensive even.

Lets witness with a real success method for beautiful skin which is tested and proven.

Things that you would require:

  • Wheat Flour ( 2 Tbsp )
  • Rice Four ( 1 Tbsp )
  • Tomato Pulp ( 1 or 2 )
  • Milk ( As per the requirement )

Process :


  • Wash your face with a mid face wash to get it clean.
  • Take a clean bowl and mix wheat flour and rice flour together. (Rice flour should be fine and refined so that it would not harm your skin while rubbing)
  • Squeeze tomato into this mixture to add pulp( You can eat rest of the tomato as this would also give vitamins)
  • Add Milk into it accordingly to make a paste.


















This mixture you can use twice a month if applying over Face. If you are using over feet or arm, then you can use twice a week.


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I am sure you all would love this if you try even once. You can see the difference in one go itself. Then you would automatically do it again without any fail.

Please comment and give your thoughts and experience if you have ever tried or gonna try after reading this article.

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